AIA HealthShield Gold Max and Riders Revision Starting 11.11

Come 11.11.19, AIA will implement changes to it's Healthshield Gold max shield plan and riders.

Overview of AIA HealthShield Gold Max & Riders

​Few words before we move on, riders under the Max Essential series are not available for new purchases anymore.

If you are on Max Essential A, consider converting it to Max Essential A Saver.

There will be premium savings and you get to keep 100% coverage (if within AIA panel of doctors). For a downgrade to government hospital during an inpatient, there will still some hospital cash benefits.*

*Refer to policy conditions

The Max VitalHealth is the 5% co-payment rider you can buy if you are making a purchase now.

Key Revisions to Note

​These changes will be implemented from 11 November 2019.

Here's a quick gander of some key highlights:

As far as the revisions go, there is some good news and some bad news. Let's start with bad news.

We will input our comments below each revision that we cover.

Premium increment of 5-12% for plan A and 0-10% for plan B

Premiums for HealthShield Gold Max (HSG) Max A & B have gone up

This premium revision only affects the main shield plan (HSG) and NOT the rider's premium.

Do take note of the additional withdrawal limits on Medisave. 

People in age (next birthday) band 36 - 40 years old under HSG Max A will have to fork out some cash outlay ($34) going forward.

Good news for existing customers, new pricing is effective from policy anniversary from 11 Nov 2019. So you will be enjoying some of these enhancements that comes into effect from 11 Nov 2019 while paying the pre-revision premiums.

In addition, rider premiums remain the same is a good thing.

Summary of ALL the industry premium revisions and medical inflation

Healthcare cost inflation is the main reason why ALL shield plans and their riders will revise their prices from time to time to keep it viable.

​Pru's riders increment were up to 37% in April2019, GE's riders increment were up to 50% and AVIVA's riders increment were up to 80%!

We have had a lot of private clients coming to us for their respective shield plans. Cash outlay for shield coverage and their riders were increasing quite significantly and they were getting more and more uncomfortable.

Insurers are still losing money on their shield plan business. That means claims are more than premiums. Not only that, medical inflation is rampant in Singapore.

Taken from Mercer Marsh Report: 2019 Medical Trends Around the World

As shown in the report above, with medical inflation at 10%, AIA's HSG premium increment is inline with market forces.

HSG Max B Policy Annual Limit is now $1M!!!

We will cover the revisions on the other plans. But this further enhancement is really too good an enhancement not to mention ahead of the others

Policy Year Limit increase from $450k to $1M!!!

Pre & Post Hospitalisation benefit is now extended from 100 days to 180 days.

This is also a good enhancement to HSG Max B but it pales in comparison to the increase in policy annual limits.​

What TheAstuteParent thinks: This is one of the strongest features, it slings AIA to the top of the charts for it's policy limit of $1M. If you thought $1m is unnecessary, there is this story of a $1,018,469.29 bill for medical care after a battle with cancer.

Best of all, this will be inforce from 11.11! Existing policy holders do not need to do anything.

This feature alone makes us review our 'usual suspects' of recommendations for Shield Plan Bs.

And if you recall earlier, the increment in premiums for HSG Max B is capped at 10% (starting on your next policy anniversary after 11.11.

For 10% more premiums, you are entitled to more than double the original limit of coverage!

If you want to find out how to plan your coverage differently, contact me below or email to alvin.teo@promiseland.com.sg.

Highest pregnancy complication coverage with HealthShield Gold Max plans

​These enhancements affect both A and B plans.

Pregnancy Complication now covers 19 more conditions from the original 7.

What TheAstuteParent thinks: ​covering more conditions is always welcomed.​​​​​​

​There is a 10 month waiting period for pregnancy complications, so if you are pregnant or suspect to be pregnant now​.

Do not switch out your exisiting plans for this benefit, you will not be covered.

No fret, as Medishield Life has undergone changes to include these conditions (24 conditions) as well, so you are covered at that basic level.

​​We also ​know its a matter of time that other insurers to include this.

​If you are looking to boost your coverage for pregnancy complications, it is beneficial to explore maternity plans as they include more comprehensive coverage for your child​ compared to your own shield plans​​​.

Click on either plans to find out more.

Deductible for Non-panel now applies to Max Essential A

​It's important to note that Max Essential A is different from Max Essential A Saver.

The difference lies in the premiums and coverage.

$2000 Deductible for non-Panel

This $2000 deductible for admitting into non-Panel (AIA Quality Healthcare Partners aka AQHP) providers.

​Previously, only Max Essential A Saver needs to pay a deductible for non-panel providers.

If one were to admit into non-Panel provider, deductibles would be:

Max Essential A: $2,000

Max Essential A Saver: $3,500

Post A&E Treatments

For outpatient ​A&E Treatments due to accident. (not warded), there is a 30 day coverage for post A&E treatments covering up to $2000.

What TheAstuteParent thinks: The difference in annual deductible for a non-panel hospital is $1,500. Hence, strongly consider A Saver.

​Post A&E treatment coverage is a nice inclusion. 

Regardless, this rider is not available for new ​sign ups any more. Max Essential A Saver is only available through a downgrade of an existing plan that already has Max Essential A rider.

NOTE: No change in rider premiums for now!

NEW benefits for non-panel providers under Max VitalHealth A

AIA Max VitalHealth A now reimburses the Co-insurance as incurred under AIA HealthShield Gold Max up to $5,000 per policy year for private non-panel providers.

It is still subject to 5% co-payment per claim

Previously, when this is not covered at all, admission or treatment by non-panel will have to pay co-insurance as if there is no riders.

Note: VitalHealth series is the current riders available for application together with AIA HSG plans.

What TheAstuteParent thinks: This is a minor change, but still crucial and important.

It seems to be one of the rare instances where there is some form of extra coverage for non-panel treatments.

​We are hoping other insurers take up this as well for their private hospital plans.

It's also good to know that the rider premiums remain the same. This is also a rare occurrence these days that it can be considered a unique selling point in their features. 

NEW Early detection benefit with Max VitalHealth A

These are 2 key screening benefits provided now which I feel is medically very useful. Do note there are ONLY for VitalHealth A.

  1. Colonoscopy for age 50 and above (once every 10 years)
  2. Mammogram for women age 40 – 69 (once every 2 years)

Note: AIA Max VitalHealth A must be in-force for a minimum of 2 years. The types of screening may be revised from time to time. Please refer to www.aia.com.sg for details.


We love that AIA shield plan has more benefits now. If you'd like to see the brochure click here.

Even when it is widely considered one of the best shield providers for its many "highest in the industry" features and high premiums is not one of them. 

In addition, AIA Healthshield Gold Max covers newborns with no waiting period for congenital conditions.

Above is a story of how a family has massively benefited from this benefit. Their child is still an insured under AIA HSG and claims made is in excess of $700k already, massively helping the family.

If you want to find out how to plan your coverage differently, contact me below or email to alvin.teo@promiseland.com.sg.

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