Sompo PA STAR – Cheapest Family Personal Accident Plan?

In the event of minor accidents, such as a slip or a fall, some of these bills are not covered under your medical insurance. And cannot use medisave to pay.

These outpatient bills are ONE OF THE MOST COMMON CLAIMS insurers receive, said Ms Koh Yen Yen, Sompo Insurance Singapore’s chief distribution officer.

I’m a fellow parent too and this is my boy whom I’ve lost count on the bumps, cuts and bruises he has suffered. Also became the index case of HFMD in his school this year. “oops”…

Most websites rank personal accident plans solely based on price NOT VALUE

The insurance market is highly competitive and good plans that get you more in coverage and service are hard to find. I rank SOMPO PA STAR plan as the best value personal accident coverage.

Firstly, most personal accident plans do not cover for HFMD.

It is so common these days especially if your child is going to school or infant care.

Having a plan that has it covered is extremely useful.

The claims bill size for HFMD can be large or small depending on the severity of the condition. Some children may need hospitalisation.

Secondly, some personal accident plans have sub-limit cap when it comes to claims.

I've learnt this the hard way.

There was a claim for an MRI scan and the bill was a thousand dollars plus.

When we filed for claim, we only received $750 because of the sub-limit cap.

It was in fine print.

Thirdly, some plans have unfriendly policy definitions

For example,

1) How is the "accident" defined. 

2) How soon must you file for claims from the date you have incurred the injury.

3) How much you must information (like doctors statement, original bills) you must provide before claims is assessed.

This where knowing your plan becomes very useful.

This is where my suggestion and analysis will help you a lot.

Description of SOMPO PA Star

Main claim is usually the section B "Medical Expenses" where injury bills, HFMD, Food poisoning can be claimed. Limits are policy year limits.

There is also a free extension to TCM. Do note the per visit cap.  Read brochure here

Premium rate today!

Do note personal accident rates are cheapest if you are CLASS 1 (mainly indoor/deskbound)

There will be questions in the application to find out if you for example work in an engineering site and stuff which is a common application requirement...

Kids enjoy FOC coverage of 25% of parent's limit

If you have a few kids to cover, this is a real perk!

Personally, I feel the medical expenses limit is the most important. If parents are under ELITE plan, child enjoys $1,000 yearly limit (25% x $4,000)

Question: Are the limits for my kids separate? : YES

Question: With a company PA plan, still worth to get a personal PA plan?

If you have some coverage from your company or the MINDEF group PA plan, you should note that most group plans mentioned DO NOT cover for HFMD and TCM treatment.


It is only $6.48/year for $100,000 coverage. But why is it priced so low?

That's because the plan does not have much outpatient coverage.

What happens to bills such as MRI scans, TCM treatment...

The plan i'll be suggesting can address it. Read on...

Question: With medical insurance, why buy PA plan?

1) Your medical insurance (IP plan) will pay only bills relating to hospitalization.

If there is a fall or a cut but the injury requires only treatment at your paediatrician’s clinic or a quick assessment in the A&E, it may not fall under “hospitalisation”.

They are NOT CLAIMABLE under the MOH surgical table and cannot use medisave.

2) Pay compensation for losses due to personal accident

Personal accident plans is primarily used to compensate for minor and serious accidents.

In such an event, a lump sum compensation will be paid to you as a benefit and you can claim from multiple plans if you have.

This will help you defray rehabilitation/treatment cost that such as long term physiotherapy.

3) These bills can happen frequently. What if a bad fall happens tomorrow?

The personal accident plan is meant to reimburse for such bills from A&E.

Apply NOW and coverage can start today.

Yes it’s immediate.

Question: FREE coverage for kid is until when? : AGE 21

If you are ready to purchase, click on the orange button below.

You may even choose start date immediately or tomorrow

What you will see when you click

In addition, Me and my team will be

1) Sending you a personalised gift voucher worth $5 (small humble token, don't bash me for it...)

2) Advice any of your questions if you have subsequently

3) Assist on future claims when you need it.

So click the "Buy My Plan Here Online" button above!

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