Review – Sompo PA EASE – Less than $0.90/day for whole family?

Sompo Insurance has this new personal accident insurance that covers only the core needs of personal accident. You'd see the the coverage table (shown below) mainly covers death, medical expenses and infectious diseases. There are no frills such as daily hospital cash and TCM coverage.

Premium for 1 ADULT

The core PA needs can be covered effectively with this plan that is why I rate it highly.

Do note PA plans need declaration of occupation class

If you are keen to purchase the SOMPO PA EASE plan with Josh Tan, use referral link below.

That works out to be only about $13/month for PLAN2 if your occupation is GROUP A

The coverage limits and wordings for accident is also good in my opinion.

PROS: Key coverage at very competitive premiums

It covers for you

  • 24/7 Worldwide coverage against accidental injuries
  • Covers HFMD, Dengue, COVID-19 while in Singapore
  • Free Extension coverage for Accidental Miscarriage, Food Poisoning, Insect/Animal Bites
  • Full coverage for children from as early as 1 month old*

Read more on policy wordings https://www.sompo.com.sg/docs/default-source/products-downloads/products/paease/paease.pdf

Common question for food poisoning - It is if the Insured Person is hospitalised for at least 6 consecutive hours due to food poisoning within the Period of Insurance.

What to note #1 Infectious disease only in SG

The infectious disease cover is only valid when diagnosed in Singapore.

If you travel out of Singapore, there will be a 14 days waiting period from the date of return to Singapore. This means that food poisoning and covid related are not claimable in this instance.

You may complement it with a travel insurance plan.

What to note #2 TCM and chiropractor not covered

These may be useful if you have experience going to TCM for injuries.

If you feel this coverage is needed, you may be better with SOMPO PA STAR. Link below

Read: https://www.theastuteparent.com/2018/03/sompo-pa-star-personal-accident-insurance-for-family/

What to note #3 Specialist claims has sub-limits

Sub-limit (half of medical expenses limit) if treatment by a Specialist (with the exception of paediatrics) at Specialist clinics must be deemed necessary and referred by a General Practitioner to be eligible for a claim under this section.

Sompo will also pay for the reasonable and necessary physiotherapy if they are referred by a Registered Medical Practitioner.

FAMILY PREMIUM: 2 Adults + 1 Child (50% off)

This is what I applied for a private client with spouse and 1 child.

The total premium for plan 1 will be only $235.40/y which is $0.65 only per day.

Plan 2 and plan 3 have higher limits 

If you are keen to purchase the SOMPO PA EASE plan with Josh Tan, use referral link below.

If you have more than 1 child, consider and/or what to have a wider coverage, consider the SOMPO PA STAR



As with all personal accident claims, I'd strongly suggest to file within 7days of accident.

Sompo's claims are submitted online - here https://www.sompo.com.sg/claims/claims-list

I've seen claims payout before and experience so far is good.

If you are keen to purchase the SOMPO PA EASE plan with Josh Tan, use referral link below.

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