AIA Mum2baby Protect Review – Possibly the best cover for IVF pregnancy

How to understand the AIA Mum2baby coverage?

Congratulations on your pregnancy!
I'm reviewing the AIA Mum2baby protect plan after a client enquiry and I realised it suits any pregnancy including conception for IVF.

AIA mum2baby is a plan that covers for you mainly against pregnancy conditions. You'd need to choose between $5k or $10k sum assured for your plan.

There are 10 pregnancy conditions covered.

Also, if it happens, there will be a 2% daily hospital cash compensation to you.

It also covers 23 Congenital illness conditions for your newborn. This is joint highest in industry.

If any of the conditions happen, you claim the same $5k or $10k sum assured chosen. 

The coverage for your child lasts 3years and it's crucial.

Some conditions like Cerebral Palsy becomes detectable only when a child grows into toddler stage.

There are also 4 conditions for Hospitalisation cash benefit for your newborn as shown below.

For these conditions, you claim 2% daily hospital cash.

I'd a friend whose kid was born premature at week 34. Incubation of newborn was for weeks.

If you chose the $10k sum assured, it would be $200/day and if its 3 weeks, that will be a compensation of $4,200.

In addition, the AIA Mum2Baby plan allows you to transfer the life coverage from you to baby. 

This means you can guarantee life insurance coverage for your child after birth. 

This is very important as I've seen children born with conditions like heart murmur that complicate any insurance coverage at birth.

Your transfer of plan request must be made to AIA within 60days of baby's birth.

Why AIA Mum2Baby Protect over AIA Mum2Baby

"AIA Mum2baby choices" is the overall product name. You can choose between

1) AIA Mum2Baby Protect which is wholelife (AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus II) + maternity coverage

2) AIA Mum2Baby which is Investment linked plan (AIA Prolifetime Protector) + maternity coverage

The maternity coverage part is exactly the same between the 2 plans.

Also, you cannot buy maternity coverage alone. That is only offered with NTUC and GE plans.

AIA Mum2Baby Protect  is a bundle of the wholelife plan AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus II (GPP) together with  maternity coverage.

The idea is to transfer the wholelife plan AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus II plan (GPP) to your baby (to be done within 60days of birth

I personally prefer this bundle to the "AIA Mum2Baby" which require you to buy the AIA Prolifetime Protector (an investment-linked plan ILP).

You may read more in this post "3 major problems with ILP"

The GPP being a wholelife plan means you can 

1) Get guaranteed surrender value on your plan

2) Complete payment early. There is a 12y or 20y option in the GPP

The AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus II plan (GPP) also has an Early Critical illness rider that you can attach to your plan to give to your child. 

Coverage for IVF pregnancies

For IVF/IUI/ICI and ICS pregnancies, there is no extra premium needed which is called a "premium loading". 

I've extensively compared plans before and this can save you quite a bit vs plans from AXA, AVIVA and NTUC.

Suggestions on AIA Mum2Baby Protect plan

There are a few choses for the AIA Mum2Baby Protect plan. 

The first is how long do you want your plan to be. It can be 12y, 20y or longer.

My suggestions are to go with the 12y plan (especially if budget is ok) because it will save you overall cost

The second is to choose how much insurance booster you want of the wholelife plan (GPP). It can be 2x, 3x or 5x. A wholelife plan is best for its protection value to you.

I'd suggest the 5x coverage. In this option, the surrender value is less because protection value is high!

The third is to choose insurance coverage booster for your child to be until what age.

It can be till age65 or age75. This is a personal choice and hard to put a factual advantage of one over the other.

I'd share with you over a meeting on my what I think makes sense.

AIA Mum2Baby Protect plan premium description

This is for a lady of age35 and looking for $300,000 sum assured for her child.

The GPP booster is set to 5x and till age65. Baby Protect Plus which is the maternity rider set at $10,000 sum assured.

Premiums are $3,557.62 on first year and only $2,907.62/y from year2-12.

This is for a lady of age35 and looking for $300,000 sum assured for her child.

The GPP booster is set to 5x and till age75. Baby Protect Plus which is the maternity rider set at $10,000 sum assured.

Premiums are $3,852.85 on first year and only $3,202.85/y from year2-12.

Please seek out a plan that fits your needs. The above illustration is only to highlight your potential choices in designing your plan!

How do you feel about this pregnancy plan?

The AIA Mum2Baby Protect plan application must be for someone less than age45

To view the plan brochure, click here

If you would like a personal discussion, contact Josh Tan here

I'd like to hear your comments too in the sections below!

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