Raffles shield – Details and case studies that you must see!

In the last few months, I've handled multiple enquires and put through some applications with Raffles Shield.

If you are haven't heard much about the coverage from Raffles Shield yet, these are some key points that can definitely help you

1) Can potentially cover for cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension conditions if you have 

2) Raffles Shield A + Raffles hospital option is a unique option offered no where else

3) Convert from "High deductible option" to "Without High deductible option" without underwriting.

More details will be in a previous post 6 key points of Raffles Shield Plan that you must see.

Question: Is your employer's group medical insurance scheme also through Raffles Health?

Some of my private clients came to me for Raffles Shield because of that reason.

They thought it made sense to see what was being offered in Raffles Shield because they were comfortable with the Raffles hospital and Raffles medical service.

KEY: High cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension can potentially be covered.

With my experience on shield plans with NTUC, AIA, AXA, AVIVA as an independent adviser, I can safely say that you may have face a rejection for the application. At best, you will be offered with exclusions imposed if you have these conditions listed above during the application.

Raffles shield can potentially be a solution (subjected to declarations) and the application must be for the Raffles Shield A + Raffles hospital option plan.

What are the steps for getting a coverage?

We start with the application process.

This where we to declare your exact medication and dosage.

If you are already on Raffles Medical group, I can help you simplify this the process.

In 30 days after the application is complete, we should get an outcome from Raffles Health.

In my experience, if there are not too many health issues and if your readings are generally good, then a condition letter of offer may be issued to you.

A conditional letter of offer is not binding. You can choose not to take up if you feel the offer is not good enough.

It has terms and conditions such as 

- Option 1: Exclusion for condition

- Option 2 Accept coverage with loading. Loading is extra premium needed.

It can be extra premium from 25% to 200% which means few hundred to few thousand dollars more.

Below is an actual example of conditional acceptance letter.

If you like the offer, the last step is to accept by selecting either option.

The last step is to register with the Raffles care management programme which is a wide network of partner clinics.

I was invited for a quick tour to know more.
Check this video out!

I'm licensed to advice on the Raffles shield.

Below is a quick testimonial from one of my private clients.

If you are keen, press the button below to get an appointment to discuss further.

Below is a personally crafted FAQ on the Raffles Shield for you
Question: Can I apply for my parents who has diabetes/hypertension/cholesterol conditions?

Answer: YES if they do not have too much other health issues

There should also not be any pending medical investigation.

There is always the option of just relying on medishield life for coverage. It covers to B2 ward and there are limits.

The Raffles Shield A with Raffles hospital option certainly feels expensive for someone who is old just like any private medical plan. It is a personal decision to explore this upgrade and if you have personal queries contact me below.

Question: Can I do checkups with polyclinic instead of the Raffles care network?

If you are on the government program at the polyclinics, you can still do so BUT you will need to manually send readings to them every time you have a checkup.

If you fail to do so on an ongoing basis, Raffles shield reserves the right to impose back an exclusion on your policy,

If you compare the premiums of the Raffles Shield Plan A + Raffles Hospital option vs a full private hospital coverage option with any insurer, it will definitely be cheaper.

Question: If I choose Plan A with Raffles Hospital option, will I be at risk that beds run out at raffles hospital?

I am surprised that this question has came up a few times.

The Raffles Shield team claims that bed occupancy at Raffles Hospital is only at 70% on average.

I couldn't find any verifying figures from Raffles Medical Groups annual report.

But visually, I do think that capacity should not be an issue if you become a patient. Unlike government hospitals where it always feels hectic, the walk around the wards was very pleasant. This is subtly important to any patient. 

You can check on the video above.

They have completed their "Raffles Hospital Extension project" as at the end of 2017.

Most specialist clinic have moved to the new tower and they are confident on creating more beds once demand rams up.

Question: How can I Convert from "High deductible option" to "Without High deductible option"

If you buy their plan, you will be allowed to upgrade at plan anniversary if you haven't made claims before. Seems pretty fair.

In addition, you can choose to upgrade from plan B to plan A and plan A to plan A with Raffles hospital option.

If you have any unanswered questions,
click on the WhatsApp me (Josh Tan) below.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of mine and do not represent the views of any other organisation.

Image credits: Plan brochure from Raffles Shield

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