NEW cheapest Maid Insurance II (Compare and save 10%!)

My mum's hiring a new maid and I'm re-looking for the cheapest maid insurance. Her previous maid will be leaving without even completing 3months. So we have to cancel that old one and repurchase a new one.

**Btw, if you cancel the maid insurance after 1month, there will only be a partial refund.**

Anyway, these are mandatory requirements for maid insurance

  • $60,000 Personal Accident coverage
  • $15,000 Medical coverage
  • $5,000 Security bond
  • There is also outpatient medical expenses limit (not mandatory) provided.

    A previous maid of mine got her finger cut quite badly from the edge of the ladder. The bill from the GP to do the stitches was reimbursed from this limit.

     It's important to check through. I'll be recommending what I've gotten.

    Does a maid insurance cover hospitalisation

    If your maid needs to go hospital, the $15,000 medical coverage will reimburse you for Hospitalisation and Surgical Expenses (including Day Surgery). 

    The bill must be incurred in Singapore as a result of an accident and/or sickness sustained by the maid during the period of insurance.

    Take note, pre-existing conditions and drug abuse will be excluded typically.

    HL Maid360 is among the cheapest maid insurance plans

    The MSIG one is good. They are offering a free medical package worth $70 consisting of a medical checkup and flu jab for the maid.

    But after seeing my current maid asking to leave and no maid certain to stay long enough to benefit from the medical package, I will be taking the HL one this time round.

    Of course, it's probably useful if you know your maid or you are looking for a renewal.

    I did the HL Maid360 and realised how smooth the process is.

    I reached the HL Assurance back office to confirm that they will be sending out to MOM by today and they even picked up and error on the MOM IPA that could have caused delays.

    HL Maid360 - ON DAY COMPLETION of application

    Wait, who's HL Assurance - They are part of the Hong Leong Group.

    You may check their portal here.

    The key benefit I can get for you, is If you need the submission to MOM urgently,

    We can get it done for you on that day if your submissions are received by 3pm.

    STEP 1: Click to WhatsApp Josh @ 90060446 to complete today 

    Step 2, Click here and provide the information on this form. 

    Complete the form and send it back to me together with the In-principal approval, IC of employer, passport of maid all via WhatsApp.

    An Extra Campaign I'm doing: Buy the HL Maid360 now and make a small donation to CCF.
    Why I'm doing this campaign?

    Before we describing the campaign, I'll state that I'm paid a commission as a broker to all insurers.

    The HL Maid360 is recommended solely because it is a competitive offering and they have a good service.

    There is no additional charges working with me and my team will assist you administratively in future as your representative.

    Although the commission amounts are meagre, I'll still eek out a $2 donation for the application done with you.

    I will make it to Children’s Cancer Foundation online.

    The amounts are small and I hope we can do it simply on trust.

    At any step, you can feel free to still purchase directly from insurer via their DIY portal here.

    I will also send an acknowledgement to you once it is done. So far, I've done a few already.

    Click to WhatsApp Josh @ 90060446 directly

    Get you maid insurance done today!

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