AVIVA MyMaternityPlan – Little known but effective plan

I started digging deeper into this plan when a friend asked me more about it. This kind-of gotten me a new perspective.

If you've been following some of my blogs, you would be able to guess my personal suggestions for maternity coverage.... (ahem - NTUC/GE maternity plans :p)

Now, I realise that the AVIVA maternity plan called the MyMaternity has its merits. Especially if you are looking for insurance coverage yourself as a new parent.

It has the industry's highest sum assured of $20k. Yet not many have mention about this plan... even amongst financial advisers.

Key difference with AVIVA's maternity plan

The "elephant in the room" is obviously that....

You can purchase the AVIVA's maternity Plan ONLY when you or your spouse purchase one of the selected basic plans listed below. The 2 plans need to be bundled.

Hence, it's not a standalone maternity insurance plan like NTUC/GE's. But it does not require you to bundle with an Investment Linked Plan (ILP) purchase to get the maternity coverage.

If you don't know why you need to avoid an ILP plan, read here.

You can actually get it with a term or wholelife plan!

Are you are underinsured to start with as a new parent?

Are you are looking to increase your life and critical illness coverage?

If you are, this bundling may actually benefit you as it helps you "kill 2 birds with 1 stone".

The term plans in the list above are

- Myfamilycover

- My MultiPay CI Plan III

- My Early Critical illness Plan

- Mycare/Mycare Plus (eldershield upgrade if you are aged40 and above)

- MyProtector Term plan

- MyAccidentGuard (personal accident plan)

- IdealIncome (disability cover)

The wholelife plans in the list above are

-  Mylifechoice

- Mywholelife plan II

From this list above, some are really popular.

Analysis of the Aviva MyMaternityPlan coverage

The child congenital coverage and mother's coverage are as extensive as the NTUC Maternity 360 plan.

Outpatient phototheraphy benefit is also similar to NTUC's.

(This benefit is used for newborns with severe jaundice).

This table below is for child congenital coverage.

This table below is for mother's pregnancy coverage.

Guaranteed Issuance Option for your newborn

While this policy is in force, you can buy a whole life plan (sum assured $150k) for your child when he/she is born, without medical underwriting.

This must be done within 90 days from birth of the insured child.

Note, the guaranteed issuance option is only for a whole life plan.

Of course, if your child is born healthy, you may choose to look for some other plans in the market.

EXTRA BENEFITS FROM AVIVA MyMaternityPlan: Developmental delay benefit

AVIVA MyMaternityPlan also pays 10% of the sum assured for developmental delay of the insured child. 

It is assessed to be the inability to perform either of the following tasks by the actual attained age of 28 months from the date of birth as confirmed by a paediatrician:
    a) Walk without aid over a distance of two meters; or
    b) Speak and say simple words such as "papa", "mama" etc.

This benefit is unique.

Premium comparison against NTUC and GE maternity plans

The maternity component of this AVIVA plan is cheap.

Premiums for a pregnant mum-to-be of age 30 is only $319.

Comparatively, NTUC's and GE's is at $390.55 and $542 respectively.

** Premium excludes the AVIVA term plan or wholelife plan that you will need to concurrently buy.

Terms and conditions that you should know.

Your applicant for the AVIVA MyMaternityPlan has to be within 13 to 36 weeks of your pregnancy.

You will need to be between 18 to 45 years old at age next birthday (ANB) and is 

AVIVA's plan can accept pregnancies from IVF. 

This comes with an approximately 75% loading (across different ages)

For the example above, if you are aged30, premiums will be $557 instead of $319.

Aviva MyMaternityPlan can cover for up to four babies in a single pregnancy. 


I do rate this plan well now.

The benefits on its own is very competitive and the premium is also attractive.

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