SingLife Term Online Insurance (With NEW Discount)!

If you are looking to get online life insurance coverage and effective way, insuring with Singlife might be the answer.

(20% discount will be given to your Singlife term base plan + 30% OFF FOR RIDERS.)

Why Singlife Term plan is amongst TOP RECOMMENDATION?

From our comparisons, it is the cheapest coverage for some age groups.

It can even be cheaper than a group coverage like the MINDEF group term coverage depending on term duration!

Singlife application is smart. You may click here to view their website.

If you buy a policy from them, it is applied, completed and stored the digital way which is totally unique.

I've done applications multiple times with Singlife and this is what I can share about their digital underwriting

If you don't have much health issues, application can be completed within 20min and instantly!

A) If you are without health conditions, follow the application steps and your coverage can be offered instantaneous.

There is no need for a processing time lag by most insurer's underwriting department.

B) If you have certain health conditions, most insurers will take weeks to offer you a decision on loading/exclusion/acceptance.

For most conditions, Singlife's system can give you an instantaneously answer.

​Premium rate guide for a plan with life+TPD+CI coverage

The table reflects the Singlife plan premium rates with a quick glance.

You may notice that as the sum assured gets larger, the premium gets comparatively cheaper.

Premiums have not reflected the discount!

Benefits of getting advise

Look for the whatsapp button at end of post below. I will get in touch with you personally for an online advised-based application.

  1. Get an analysis on how much coverage you may need
  2. Understand how to plan out your term duration
  3. Understand the various policy size discount tiers to save money

What are the steps for the application

STEP 1: Starting the application

I'd need personal information from you.

Once it is done, I will complete the basic information portion and send you an email with a SingLife link to do ONLY the health questionnaires

STEP 2: Completing questionnaire for underwriting of the application

The underwriting is dynamic and you will be guided to fill in any past health conditions. Above is a snapshot of the process.

An underwriting outcome is offered once you have completed the health questions.

For situations with loading as mentioned above, the outcome will be made known to you immediately.

This is unlike applications with most other insurers. This saves you the agony of waiting for weeks to know what premium you will be offered.

Moreover, I've seen cases for pre-existing conditions of ovarian cyst and epilepsy offered without any loading.

I have an eye injury and my own application did not have exclusions

STEP 3: Getting a result on application

To complete the application, accept the proposed coverage amount and duration.

Even if application is non-standard and needs more evidence, you will be notified instantly.

Snapshot of an application that was non-standard terms. TPD was not offered but CI coverage is still offered. Person has thyroid condition.

Step 4: Completing the application digitally

A: Upload your photo and proof of address

B: Allow realtime ID verification

Singlife uses the Jumio platform to verify your identity. Hit the "start verification" and stand according to the instructions

C: Finally, make credit card payment to complete. Hassle free.

Step 5 : Complete and sign off on our company forms

More from Singlife Term plan! : Guaranteed insurability option

​You can increase your sum assured (if you want in future) at life stage events without the need for further medical information. The life stage events are

a. Life assured entering marriage

b. The birth of the life assured’s child

c. Life assured’s legal adoption of a child

d. An increase to the life assured’s mortgage by more than 20% and by the reason of a house move or undertaking major home improvement.

I've uploaded my own policy's exact wordings of the terms and conditions and it can be found here.

Quick points from the Guaranteed insurability option

The increase of the sum assured per event is limited to the lower of SGD 250,000 or 25% of the sum assured. This option must be exercised within six (6) months of the event and you must provide the relevant documents to us should we require them.

To benefit from this option, the following conditions must be met:

  • ▪  the Life Assured is below age fifty (50) at the time of your request; and
  • ▪  the Life Assured had been underwritten and accepted as a standard risk; and
  • ▪  all premiums are paid to date; and
  • ▪  aggregated prior increases under this option do not exceed 100% of the original sum assured or SGD 500,000, whichever is lower.

Usual questions: Are CI definitions the same as other insurers?

Yes: same definition as the other insurers in the market.

Similar cap for Angioplasty & Other Invasive Treatment for Coronary Artery which is 10% of the selected sum assured of the supplementary benefit (maximum amount of $25,000).

How to get started

As seen in USA, Spain and Italy, it doesn't take a lot of patients to overwhelm the healthcare system with COVID-19 patients.

Once it is overwhelmed, mortality rates quickly climb and it even implicates saving lives for all other medical reasons. Our SG national death rate is less than 20,000 a year and it doesn't take a lot to move percentage points. 

We don't know what the coming weeks hold but the impact of COVID-19 on mortality in SG is no longer looking negligible. In my opinion, getting extra term life coverage now is not ridiculous nor illogical.

Email to josh.tan@promiseland.com.sg or WhatsApp below

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