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Last updated on November 3rd, 2018 at 03:31 pm

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J’s maid was completing 2 years of service and he recently received the Ministry of Manpower’s (M.O.M) notice. It is actually quite simple to purchase insurance for your maid and we have a campaign for it below.

Once the maid insurance is in-forced, M.O.M will allow you to renew online. It should be instantaneous. 

Before we dive in, these are mandatory requirements for maid insurance:

  1. $60,000 Personal Accident coverage
  2. $15,000 Medical coverage
  3. $5,000 Security bond

Do not hastily click on the lowest premium option when you search online!

I checked around for the maid insurance offers and realised some packages do not include sufficient coverage for all 3 items.


So which is the cheapest maid insurance plan out there?


MSIG’s Maidplus $267.50 or HL Assurance Maidprotect360 $234(26mths coverage)

These 2 plans are among the cheapest maid insurance while fulfilling the M.O.M requirements. While HL Assurance plan is cheaper at $234, MSIG is giving a free medical package worth $70 consisting of a medical checkup and a flu jab. Hence, we are comfortable recommending it.

Image from MSIG


** For 14mths, NTUC Income plan is the cheapest

Maid insurance plans are designed to be 14 or 26months which gives an excess of 2 months of insurance to maids. If you had a previous maid insurance, it should also have an excess 2months which has to be forfeited when you renew now.

PS: Once the MSIG Maidplus plan is purchased, an original redemption letter will be mailed to you in about 2 weeks.

Our Campaign: Buy the right plan now and make a small donation
Why we are doing this campaign?

Before we describe the campaign, we would like to state that we are paid a commission by all insurers. MSIG’s MaidPlus plan is recommended solely because it is a competitive offering and there are no additional charges going through with us. In addition, we can assist you administratively in future as your representative.

Though the commission amounts are meagre, we will still eek out a $2 donation for every case done through our broker portal.

It will be made to Children’s Cancer Foundation online. The amounts are small and I hope we can do it simply on trust. At any step, you can feel free to still purchase directly from insurer via their DIY portal.


What are the steps needed?

Step1: Login to right portal

Click on this link BUY NOW

Input 212609 as broker code. (This is code for Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd and MSIG will acknowledge it)



Step2: Fill up details and choice of coverage

Fill in your period of insurance needed.

Optional cover called “waiver of counter indemnity”: It is designed to protect you from a possible loss of $5,000 if your maid breaches the security bond. However, M.O.M has mentioned that of the total number of bonds, only <1% have been breached. Do note that M.O.M has clarified that should maids get pregnant, this $5,000 is not forfeited as mentioned in this link.

Optional cover $7,000 Philippines Embassy Bond. Only for Filipino maids. Read this link.

You may leave all optional covers blank.


Step3: Complete purchase online

Click “calculate” and complete quote.

You will need to submit

  1. A copy of employer IC
  2. Maid’s passport + work permit
  3. Copy of M.O.M renewal notice

Complete MSIG (step3 summary) and MSIG (step4 payment). They will be self explanatory.


Step4: Sending a copy to Josh Tan to complete campaign!! (MUST)

In one of the fields, please include agent to receive a copy of policy with my email address at  josh.tan@promiseland.com.sg. Alternatively, you may manually email me a copy of your completed policy.
I would need to mail down the FREE medical package redemption letter to you! Wouldn’t being notified, I can’t complete this process.

I will also send an acknowledgement ASAP and make the donation as per stated in our campaign.

Click on this link BUY NOW

Thank you and feel free to contact me if you need assistance at any step.

More information
How does the redemption letter look like?

How does a completed donation look like?

Click on this link BUY NOW

Josh Tan Jian Liang (CHFC) Principal Author

REVIEWS: https://theastuteparent.com/josh-tan Practising financial planner with Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd. EXPERIENCE: More than 13years. Josh Tan is a young parent, speaker, author and founder of TheAstuteParent.

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