If you have been living under the rock, you should really step out of it now! 

Ever since the launch of SingoREdiscovers (SRV), many of its supporting tourist attractions crowd out.

I already spent my first $60 voucher on the USS last week. The queue was insane!!!

Especially now when students are also having their year end holidays. 

One advice for you if you want to have fun and a shorter waiting time, purchase your tickets next year when the kids are back in school!

There is no rush to getting your tickets anyways as they are valid till 30 June 2021!

Before I proceed further, here are some FAQs which you might have: 

  1. Can I combine my vouchers for my family staycation? 

The SingapoRediscovers vouchers cannot be stacked or combined with the SingapoRediscovers vouchers of another individual to buy the same product. As the purchases are made by each adult Singapore citizen with their personal SingPass account, combining vouchers across several individuals for a purchase is not allowed. 

  1. Do I get subsidised tickets for my children?

Yes, every Singapore Citizen aged 18 and above in 2020 is entitled to purchase up to six subsidised child/youth tickets, for any family member who is under the age of 18. This means that parents, grandparents, other relatives and legal guardians can purchase subsidised tickets for their children, grandchildren, wards, and so on.

Each child/youth ticket that you redeem will get a $10 subsidy. 

The $10 child/youth subsidy can be applied on attractions and tour products which offer a child/youth price. For packages, please check the terms and conditions of the respective authorised booking partners for use of child/youth subsidies.

To activate the subsidies, declare your familial relationship with the minor and his/her NRIC/Birth Certificate number after logging on via SingPass.

Upon completion, a $10 subsidy will be automatically applied to up to six child/youth tickets on the official booking platforms whenever you use the SingapoRediscovers vouchers.

Now here’s my personal top 3 favourites: 

  1. Cruise 

Personally, I am rather cool about the covid situation in Singapore hence I am willing to take on a bet to enjoy my time in the cruise. 

I would say that the chance of someone getting covid in the cruise itself is minimal as you would have to take a covid test before you can even board.

(Aherm again the false alarm of the 83 year old man who was said to be tested positive for covid) 

Another alternative if you want to have a better peace of mind, is to go after you're vaccinated, since every Singaporean/Permanent resident will be able to obtain the vaccine for free!

With the 12.12 promotion 2 days cabin for a couple is only 199 which means that with the voucher it’s only 45 per pax. 

Check out the promotion here!

  1. AJ Hackett Sentosa Giant Swing in Singapore 
  2. Mega Adventure

I thought that instead of our cliche theme parks like Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and Wild Wild Wet (WWW), I should take this opportunity to discover some different kind of fun! 

I love outdoor activities and if you are like me you could plan a full day with these two activities! These two locations are located at Sentosa itself!

Hence, it is very convenient as you would not need to travel across the city. 

To be frank, I actually fear heights. However, the zip through the air at speeds of 60kph was so thrilling that the fear didn't come in time. The view from so high up was spectacular!

Check out their promotion here! 

Check out the promotion here!

Since we also have till June here are some festivals/public holidays and locations which you can better optimise your vouchers:

  1. THE UPCOMING CHRISTMAS! - 25 Dec 2020 

One of the many Christmast-sy places is none other than Christmas wonderland! 

The seventh edition of Singapore’s biggest festive event will feature specially-curated stunning light installations at Gardens by the Bay in the Walk of Lights hand made by italian craftsmen. 

It is a really nice and family friendly place!

This year's theme seems to be more princess-y and I'm sure your princesses at home would love the set up! 

If you have yet bought your tickets, use klook to buy your tickets as it includes 3 different locations, Christmas Wonderland, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest! It is more value for money as it is only $10 compared to a single location Christmas Wonderland, which cost $5 on its website and $20 for Flower Dome and Cloud Forest on Garden by the bay website! 

Do note that the last day for Christmas Wonderland is on 27th December 2020! 

What are you waiting for! It’s a perfect family day out with minimal planning (and minimal spending) needed! 

Flower Dome this year is super impressive too! 

Note that the last day of this layout is on the 3 Jan 2021.

Check out klooks offer!

  1. Valentines day - 14 Feb 2021

How about a once in a lifetime experience having Dinner in the Flyer! 

The tickets are going at $150! After using the voucher, it would just be $25 per pax! I would say it's very worth it! 

You get to enjoy two full rotations of the wheel, which is about an hour, over a 4-course menu, served by an in-flight host!

Hurry get your tickets before they get sold out! 

Click here to check out the promotion! 

How are you going to spend your $100? Or will you even be spending the $100? 

Also if you manage to read till here: one tip is that if your birthday falls between this period, you know when you can spend this free $100 ! 😀

Let us do our part to help the tourism industry in Singapore!

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