Simple Hacks For Your New Year’s Resolution!

If you've been setting new year resolutions, that's a GREAT START! I've mine too...

Today I'd be sharing NEW ideas with you which may give you more food for thought.

Simple hacks that hopefully impact you BIG! Some interesting data on the last hack.

Also, if this is helpful to anyone you know, do share too..

Simplest - But It's Going To Sting...

While it sounds impressive, DON'T start with this long list....

It is vague and does not have reflective purposes for you.

Start by looking at LAST YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS.

Where they ALL achieved?

If there weren't, WHY? And to what extend?


You wanted to save $10,000 last year.

But adjustments to lifestyle took some time. You made only $5,000 savings. 

It's ok, that is 50% target hit!

This year, before you set a NEW number, reflect back on the constrains.

It is very quickly make your resolution this year much more effective!

Then, be a bit more savvy in this year's strategy.

Redefine your formula, X + Y = Z

(Wait, you have a formula right?... If not define it with a formula... really helps!)

Simple to do webpage - Give yourself more career opportunities

Do you have your own website or a one page professional webpage?

If not I'd recommend doing one with Google site. It is free!

I got to know this guy as a private client and it was hugely impressive to see him document his accomplishments. I'm sure his employer would have searched him out also.

Your webpage can be one page only but it is ok.

Put your best accomplishments forward and if you do so, you'd win 50% of people already.

Who knows, it could be the reason you WON THE INTERVIEWER OVER for a better paying job!

In addition, update your Linkedin profile regularly.

There are a lot of recruiters there so keep your profile looking good.

If you're keen, click here and we can connect on LinkedIn too! 

Simple (or not so) - Habit change

Habits make it easy to be consistent.

Many say it takes 21days for a good habit to change and then after, you are on autopilot to better results!

Fun fact: Do you know a typical CEO reads on average 60 books a year!?!

Hence, if you want to earn more, you'd have to learn more!

Where to squeeze out time?

Even if your resolution is to lose 6kg this year by exercising twice every morning, you'd also need more time!

What if you wake up earlier?

I'd show you intimate details from my youtube channel where I share financial tips. 

Some special data...

PS:If you're keen to learn more about it, click on the video below

Ok back to the point. Look at the views chart below!

What does it tell you?

Very few people are awake doing things at 4,5,6am! MOST ARE ASLEEP!

What if you are able to form a habit to read at 5am or exercise at 6am?

You might be that step away from serious success!


These are simple hacks that you can do. Consider adding them to your new year's resolution for 2020.

Financial success comes from family success, career success and successful habits.

They are interlinked and hopefully some ideas shared will help you make REAL CHANGES in 2020.

Again, if this is helpful to anyone you know, do share too... take care and all the best!

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Josh Tan Jian Liang (CHFC) Principal Author

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