Outrageous Predictions for 2020 & Number 3 Is Something For You!

Outrageous predictions you get here are PURELY TO JOLT YOU TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX!

For any investor, it is important to have critical thinking and a contrarian mindset.

What others think is impossible are sometimes the highest payoff ideas... Makes sense?

Again, this is #purelyentertainment #notadvice. In last year's edition, I shared a prediction that Singapore will see it's first virtual banking license given out.

The prediction was premature but today, it was announced that GRAB and SINGTEL are co-bidding for a license and they are a formidable pairing...

I'd leave links below to access previous editions of outrageous predictions.

Outrageous Prediction #1: Oil and Gas market recovers

Oil and gas has been in the doldrums for years now.


If you look at it, some of the astute investors have been investing into this sector already.

Below is an example of privatisation by Kuok Group of POSH which is a small oil and gas player.

Surely they feel the worst is over.

Temasek has also launched a partial offer for KEPPEL CORP.

Maybe that is another sign of life.

If you're keen to read further , I've this analysis on the partial offer and the opportunity I saw there...

Outrageous Prediction #2: Biggest Cryptocurrency scam

Cryptocurrencies have seen some recovery in 2019.

But did you know that in 2019 alone, cybercriminals were able to siphon away $4.26 billion from cryptocurrency users and exchanges. Read report from CipherTrace.

In this crypo space (I'm admitted not an expert), it seems initial coin offerings (ICO) are all on a "faith basis".

And many investors are not savvy...

There are schemes that I've seen similar to MLM, created from the idea of a crypo community...

Hence, we may be due for a MAJOR scam to jolt in some reality check that CRYPOS ARE RISKY!

Outrageous Prediction #3: Bank deposit rates climb, further dampening appetite for Singapore Savings Bond (SSB)

Have you seen the StandChart JUMPSTART ACCOUNT?

It's 2%p.a interest with no min spending and stuff... wow! Link here

At TheAstuteParent, we're advocates of the Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) and its' been dropping.

Anything NOW that is 2% will surely catch attention.

And that's not a lot of cost to a bank right?

Hence, MORE banks are going to offer similar if not HIGHER account interest! Good news right!

SOME VIRTUAL BANK FOR a 3%p.a, no minimum savings account?? =)

2019 outrageous predictions, if you're keen, click to watch that sharing!

Outrageous Prediction #4: Luxury property prices in Singapore climb 

This outrageous prediction relates to a few things.

Firstly, Hong Kong is still in a political mess and the RICH WILL MOVE!

Donnie Yen is looking for a Singapore Property and he certainly isn't alone!

Do you know the expected launch price of ONE HOLLAND VILLAGE RESIDENCES?

Take a guess, it's 99year leasehold...

This will blow your mind: 

The luxury penthouse is expected at $3,200PSF and >$11M!


Which of these do you agree with?

Leave in the comment sections any ideas you have, would like to hear from you too!

Lastly, if you're a small time investor, I've this video sharing for you. 

It's a share that I like for year 2020! Guess what it is, see you there!

Josh Tan Jian Liang (CHFC) Principal Author

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