Enjoy more money in your pocket each month with these “Great For Insurance Premium” credit cards!

Easy to carry and use, a credit card is a secure and flexible way to make payments and can be a good way to spread the cost of major purchases.

When used well, your credit card can be there for you in ways you don’t expect and make life’s little emergencies easier to handle.

This is especially true in cases like insurance premiums.

Hence, it makes it all the more important to sign up for a credit card that benefits and rewards you with something when you use it to pay your insurance premiums.

Just an average Singaporean? Fret not!

Open a world of benefits and savings opportunities when you apply for any of these recommended great-for-insurance credit cards today through Finty!

Pay less, enjoy more

Day to day living can be expensive.

Owning the right credit card can give you access to discounts on your insurance plans, ensuring lower premiums each month.

By consolidating your insurance premiums to just one card, not only can you earn better rebates such as cashback or air miles on your insurance purchases, you also get a detailed breakdown of the plans you own!

(Example Father: Hospitalisation & Personal Accident Plan; Mother: Savings & Endowment Plan; Wife: Life Insurance; Son: Education Plan)

Spread your wings further

Make your holiday a memorable one with free travel insurance coverage or exclusive travel discounts and perks with your credit card’s travel partners.

Some cards may offer an outright flat discount off travel-related bookings, while others offer free insurance coverage as long as you charge an airline or accommodation booking to your credit card, which makes the deal even sweeter!

3 Great Cards for More Savings

1) HSBC Advance Credit Card

Not sure which insurance-related credit card to apply for?

HSBC is well-known for its generosity when it comes to cashbacks and rewards.

This is especially so for the HSBC Advance Card, which offers exceptional flat rates – including on insurance payments.

Earn up to 3.5% (for HSBC Advance banking customers) or 2.5% (for all customers) cashback on all eligible local and overseas purchases with no minimum spend and pay S$01 annual fee for the first year when you apply for an HSBC Advance Credit Card.

Plus, bonus cashback for spending above $2000.

For spending $2000 and below, you get 2.5% and 1.5% respectively.

Also, enjoy Travel Insurance Coverage of up to $500,000 when you charge your travel expenses to your HSBC Advance Credit Card.

With a card like this, you can easily multiply potential earnings and get more cashback - an exceptional option for premium payments!

Cashback Benefits At A Glance

Earn max $70 rebate each month or $125 for HSBC Advance banking customers

Earn 3.5% Cashback (for HSBC Advance banking customers) or 2.5% (for all customers) with min spend of $2000

Earn 2.5% Cashback (for HSBC Advance banking customers) or 1.5% (for all customers) for spending less than $2000

Travel Insurance Benefits up to S$500,000 when you charge your travel expenses to your HSBC Advance Credit Card

Annual Fee/Waiver

First year fee waiver (otherwise $192.60 yearly) and perpetual annual fee waiver for HSBC Advance banking customers


Earn up to 5% cashback on insurance premiums with Singapore's most generous rebate and entry level credit card – UOB One Card.

With 3.33% to 5% cashback on nearly all spending as long as they are consolidated and paid through UOB Bill Pay, the UOB One Card is recommended if you have other insurance plans other than Prudential and Great Eastern.

Cardholders can even ‘double earn’ on selected insurance payments through the UOB SMART$ Programme, which can be used to offset future purchases with programme eligible merchants like EQ Insurance and United Overseas Insurance Ltd (UOI).

Cashback Benefits At A Glance

‘Double earn’ on selected insurance payments through the UOB SMART$ Programme

Up to 5% rebate on all spend:

Spend $500, $1,000 or $2,000 per month (min. 5 purchases) consecutively for 3 months and get a cash rebate of $50, $100 or $300 respectively per quarter

Up to 10% rebate on all Grab transactions:

Get an additional 5% on Grab rides, food and top-ups when you qualify for your quarterly cash rebate, and enjoy up to $2,400 cash rebate in a year

Up to 6% rebate on Singapore Power utilities bill:

Get an additional 1% rebate on your Singapore Power utilities bill when you qualify for your quarterly cash rebate

Up to 3.88% P.A. interest rates when you sign up together with a UOB One Account and spend $500 on your UOB One Card + Credit your salary or perform 3 GIRO transactions

Travel Insurance Benefits

• Public Conveyance Personal Accident coverage of $500,000

• Emergency Medical Assistance, Evacuation & Repatriation coverage of up to $50,000

Annual Fee/Waiver

Free for UOB customers, otherwise $192.60 yearly (waived for 1 year). A minimum annual spending of $12,000 must be made for subsequent waiver

3) American Express True Cashback Card

What’s better than unlimited cashback?

Enjoy 1.5% IMMEDIATE cashback on all eligible spend – including on insurance premiums – with no limit or cap to your earning potential with the American Express True Cashback Card.

Cardholders can even enjoy a boosted 3% rate during the first 6 months for up to $150 cashback - an excellent option to earn on all of your spending, including USHC (United Security Health and Casualty) payments!

Cashback Benefits At A Glance

Min. Spend per month: $0

1.5% Immediate Cash Back on any purchase you make, anytime in the same month's statement as your purchases

Unlimited Cash Back Cap

Travel Insurance Benefits

Purchase your travel ticket with your American Express True Cashback Card and receive free travel insurance benefits of up to $350,00

Annual Fee/Waiver

First year fee waiver (otherwise $171 yearly) and 3% Cashback for the first 6 months up to $5000 spend


Article by Gerald, Team Finty


FINTY is Singapore’s first rewards-based financial marketplace that makes financial decisions simple, enjoyable and rewarding. Finty offers cash rewards based on revenue sharing and the online platform uses a proprietary predictive model to determine the value of cash rewards for customers when they apply for a range of credit cards and personal loans from major bank partners.

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