Medical insurance for foreigners in Singapore

I have been in Singapore for more than six years. Before that, I was in USA for more than three years. In Singapore, there are many medical insurance products to choose from.

I will share with you how to choose your own hospitalisation insurance. If you are looking for a chinese version, click here.

Independent financial adviser

I works as an independent financial adviser unlike a tied agency adviser who has only one selection of plan for you. In my role, I can help you get insurance plans from various insurers.

Here are some questions I typically ask before a preliminary meeting.

1) Do you know how much your company coverage is

2) Do you have medical conditions

3) Do you know costs of medical treatment in Singapore is still expensive even in a government hospital.

6 medical insurance plans for foreigners

These medical plans reimburse your medical bills. They do not give you a compensation or a benefit. You need a life insurance plan for that.

This is the list of plans available

- AIA health shield gold max

- AVIVA Myshield

- Great Eastern Supremehealth

- NTUC Incomeshield (only plan that you can buy government hospital level coverage with)

- Prushield

- Raffles shield (only plan that you can have high deductible amount)

AXA shield cannot allow a foreigner application currently. Each insurer's plan has different characteristics. I'll address some common questions that you may have.

I already have a group medical insurance. Do I need to buy it separately?

I have a friend who came from the Philippines and is a senior executive with a bank in Singapore. 

The benefits are very good and his company provided medical insurance coverage for him and the whole family. After we explored the following questions, he chose to buy a personal insurance in addition.

Is your company's group medical benefits also with a $10,000 or $15,000 cap? 

Do you know the co-insurance for major medical conditions?

What if you change a company or if you can't work?

I may not necessarily live in Singapore for a long time. If I am not in Singapore in the future, is it necessary to buy it now?

I bought a personal medical insurance for myself.

In a nutshell, medical insurance for foreigners here in Singapore can be cancelled anytime.

Unused amounts will be refunded. So go ahead, get coverage before anything major happens and if you do not require it, terminate it.

If I am buying in Singapore now, what if I am hospitalized outside of Singapore?

The Singapore shield plans that are offered to foreigners are mainly for inpatient in Singapore.

Only in emergencies can the plan reimburse for bills incurred outside of Singapore.

If you are based frequently abroad, consider an international medical insurance plan instead.

If you have a history of hospitalization before, or you already have chronic diseases, can you still buy insurance? If there are conditions excluded, is it still worth buying?

If you have chronic diseases like high blood pressure and cholesterol, it is possible to still get a coverage depending on insurer and depending on your medical readings.

If there is a history of hospitalization, it will likely be deemed "pre-existing condition". Most often, the coverage will have an exclusion clause.

I've had a colleague's client who previously implanted a steel plate on his knee.

When he first entered a medical insurance plan, the insurance company excluded conditions associated with the knee. However after a few years of full recovery, he appealed against the exclusion and it was subsequently waived.

What is the annual and post-hospital reimbursement limit for each company's products?

Each company is slightly different for annual limit. It is usually around a $1m.

For post hospitalization reimbursement limits, it can vary even more. Some allow only 90days while some allow claims of 13 months post hospitalisation.

Do the medical insurance for foreigners have a "pre-settlement" procedure that waives off any deposits needed by the hospital?

The amount of "pre-settlement" limits is different between different insurers.

At present, most plans have a "pre-settlement" limit of SGD$10,000.

Aviva's can reach SGD$100,000 in the establishment of physician hospitals.

Great eastern, AIA and raffles hospital can even give fully "pre-settlement" limits to waive off some parts of the deposits needed subjected to their terms and conditions. 

If you have further questions, you may contact me below. Thank you

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