Everything to know on AIA vitality and ManulifeMOVE

Life insurers are rolling out initiatives and products to encourage a healthier lifestyle for all of us!

It is a win-win situation as we enjoy rewards such as discounted premiums or vouchers when we achieve health goals while insurers benefit from a healthier pool of policyholders. Hopefully, this means lower premium rates for us.

What is AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality encourages and rewards you for living well.

This may be the first program that rewards healthy living and has been around since 2013. It takes a comprehensive approach to provide you with the tools and support to understand your health, how to improve it and offer great incentives to motivate you along the way.

AIA Vitality membership is $5 each month currently. There will be an increment to $8/month after your membership year.

How to be eligible for AIA Vitality

You can join by buying any AIA plan!

Yes, even the AIA personal accident plan or a simple term plan.

Getting AIA Vitality points

By doing online health assesments , seeing the doctor for checkups or weekly challenges, those accumulate to points. By racking up more points, the higher you Vitality status will be and you'll get more rewards.

I've been redeeming both the cold storage and starbucks vouchers for the weekly challenge. It's pretty easy actually, just 10,000 steps for 5days. And there is a $5 team bonus also (criteria going to change soon).

Tip: look for "super-fit" teammates in the AIA vitality Facebook group!! =)

How I'm clocking my AIA vitality points on iPhone

I'm doing the 4km in one hour by the Fitbit app. By doing so, I clock 100 points.

That means 2 or 3 days of workout only? Much easier than 10,000 steps for 5days in my opinion.

You could try it. If you have any personal methods, leave them in the comments below.

Different tiers of Vitality status

By collecting a certain number of points, your tier will be upgraded.

Most of the tier rewards are the same except for airlines and cruises having extra discounts when upgrading.

By managing to reach platinum, AIA will give a bonus of S$150 yearly at the end of their anniversary year.

Members who sign up for AIA Vitality from 25 January 2018 onwards and have achieved Platinum Vitality Status will be entitled to S$150 Platinum Bonus.

Members who sign up for AIA Vitality before 25 January 2018 will enjoy the Annual Cashback amount based on the table below till 24 January 2019 or their next membership anniversary date, whichever is earlier.

So by signing up with AIA vitality , this is all the rewards that will be available from the start.

I've a friend who sign the AIA Vitality plan just to enjoy the 20% discount at Fitness First. He had just joined the Fusionopolis branch but this benefit applies across all Fitness First clubs in Singapore!

Moreover, you can earn 100 Vitality Points a day when you work out at Fitness First!

By reaching platinum status, there is a big discount on Emirates tickets and Royal Caribbean cruise tickets. Check the discount rates below!

What is ManulifeMOVE ?

ManulifeMOVE is a customer rewards program designed to reward you for every move you make.

Whether you’re walking, cleaning or jumping, let your daily moves earn you cash rebates towards your policy premiums. 

By maintaining a set daily step average (in the 6months) to get up to $50 premium in premium cashback.

Unlike AIA where there is a membership fee, this is given free.

But personally, I think it's quite hard to achieve.

How to be eligible for ManulifeMOVE

In a nutshell, you'll need to buy a new policy with Manulife.

And the policy needs to be a minimum annual premium of $3,000.

You'll lastly need to activate the MOVE key which will be sent to you after the policy is completed.

There's a earn your apple series III watch campaign that will be ending on 25th dec 2018.


Studies show that the number of Singaporeans engaging in physical activity at least once a week has risen gradually over the last decade. We are all healthier now, kudos!

In the 2014 Sports Index from Sport Singapore, the proportion of respondents who exercise three or more times is 38 per cent. This was more than double that in 2001 when the year Sport Singapore first began tracking sport participation among citizens and permanent residents.

With more campaigns from life insurers, this healthy trend could continue!

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