Best Whole Life Plan For Child – Is it Manulife LifeReady?

The Manulife LifeReady Plan gets you everything you need in coverage and is possibly (in my opinion) the best Whole Life plan there currently.

Whole Life plan gives permanent coverage to your child

It's a great peace of mind to have bought permanent insurance for your child.

As young as possible before any health conditions or major sicknesses take place. 

The Manulife LifeReady has early critical illness rider.

The definition is very comprehensive. 

The plan has a 5x the multiplier on the sum assured which is among the most competitive of offers to you. 

Which means if you cover for $40k sum assured on your child, the claims payout will be $200k.

From my research, the premiums are also very competitive.

If possible, go for the Manulife LifeReady 10 plan.

LifeReady 10 means finish premium in 10years.

There is the LifeReady15, LifeReady 20 and LifeReady 25year plan options.

The idea is to complete premium as early as possible. And you get the most savings by doing so.

You will be surprised. Premiums for infants/toddlers are really cheap.

It can be less than $150/m AND for only 10years.

Is there a need to buy a term plan for child in that case?

I bought a Whole Life plan on my child too

I use to believe that insurance should only be on me and my wife's life.

We are after all breadwinners and insurance should be bought only to replace income. 

But I got to know about sick children.

The cost involved, the sacrifices involved ... by the whole family.

It is just a simple realisation that nobody is immune. Not any child.

That's why I'm recommending coverage to your child.

I bought mine through AVIVA more than 2years ago. 

This Manulife LifeReady plan is newer and more competitive in my opinion. We could have a private discussion.

A Whole Life plan is an asset

With the Manulife LifeReady plan, you can see it as an asset.

A plan that generates more value over time....

And providing permanent coverage for your child.

Something that you can pass to your child FOC when he/she grows up

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