Integrated Shield Plan Calculator

Last updated on August 28th, 2018 at 10:17 am

Integrated Shield Plan (IP) calculator

Updated on 1 Mar 2018!!

 * Premium changes made for

  • NTUC Income Enhanced Incomeshield and Plus Rider in Mar 2018
  • Aviva MyShield and MyHealthPlus in Jan 2018
  • AIA Essential MAX Essential A in Jul 2017
  • NTUC Income Plus Rider in Oct 2017

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Looking to compare Integrated Shield (IP) plans?

Look no further than just a click away!

We would like to suggest that price is NOT everything when you make comparisons. However, it is good to know in a snapshot the premiums for ALL the integrated shield plans around. Therefore, we have decided to do the heavy lifting for you with this free to use calculator!

Quick word on how to use the calculators
  1. Our Integrated Shield Plan (IP) calculators are for ages 01-75/85 only
  2. Our Integrated Shield Plan (IP) calculators are updated to the dates shown above, and we will not be liable for any errors in the computation. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data. But as you know it is free so use it at your own risk!
  3. Premiums are non-guaranteed and are expected to change over time

Just enter your age below. It’s that easy! 5 seconds will do!

Find out how much are you going to pay until Age 75/Age 85 for your Integrated Shield (IP) plan?

We build the calculator based on the following:

  1. “As-Charged” plan that covers up to a private hospital without pro-ration factor that caters for inflation of medical cost.
  2. Corresponding Rider is added to cover from the first dollar medical bill. i.e. no deductible and co-insurance. It is currently the most popular option chosen by the public.


Quick conclusions:

1) You may find the NTUC Enhanced Incomeshield premium competitive. However, do note that the Pre/Post hospital treatment limit is among at 90days only, compared to the others.

2) You may find the AXA shield premium competitive. Do note that we have included only the Basic Care rider. This rider does not provide any daily hospital cash benefit.

3) You may find the PRU shield premium competitive. Do note that the premiums can rise in event of claims.

4) We suggest to include an inflation factor to the “Total Premium Integrated Shield Plan (IP) Calculator”. This is to factor in future premium rate hikes which are expected.



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