AVIVA My Multipay CI (MPCI) vs Manulife Ready CompleteCare (RCC) Critical illness plan

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In Aug 2017, Manulife launched the Ready CompleteCare (RCC) plan. It is marketed as having the most comprehensive coverage for different severity of Critical Illnesses (CI).


For the purpose of comparison, we will only look at the Manulife Ready CompleteCare with “Cover-me-again benefit” only. In a nutshell, both plans potentially allow you to claim more than once. If you get a CI, it is likely that you can still survive well with modern treatment. Hence, this becomes very useful. Both plans also cover Early CI conditions. However, there are differences in the policy wordings which I will elaborate further in awhile.

With modern health screening, early onset of cancer conditions for example can be picked up with cancer market test and stools analysis test. Naturally, treatment can take place much earlier. The sole purpose of the payout for early critical illness can be used to protect your loss of potential income in an event of prolonged hospital leave.

Key Advantages of Manulife Ready CompleteCare

1) Full money back in event of death

AVIVA MPCI only pays $5,000 for death. However, death coverage is usually not the focus when buying such plans. Survival period for both plans is 7days.

2) You can get claims can be “UP TO” 5x of sum assured

Manulife Ready CompleteCare pays up to 5 separate conditions, amounting up to 5x sum assured. In every claim, the plan pays 1x sum assured. In my opinion, it is quite rare to require more than 1 or 2 claims. However, it is still favourable compared to the AVIVA MPCI which require multiple claims to be from a separate “pot of conditions”.


  • Manulife Ready CompleteCare is only available for two duration terms:  Till Age75 or Age99


Key Advantages of Aviva MyMultiPay CI

1) You will get 3x of sum assured for a critical illness claim + Premium waiver

The AVIVA MPCI will pay 3x of sum assured if diagnosed with a critical illness. The plan will continue to be in-force and it will become free of charge as corresponding premiums will be waived.
Manulife Ready CompleteCare pays 1x sum assured and it does not have premium waiver feature upon diagnosed with a critical illness. But, it does pay 3x sum assured for the following six selected CI conditions:
  1. Major Cancers
  2. Heart Attack of Specified Severity
  3. Stroke
  4. Alzheimer’sDisease
  5. Multiple Sclerosis
  6. Parkinson’sDisease

However, cancer, heart attack and stroke (which are listed in that list by the Manulife Ready CompleteCare) account for at least 80% of all CI claims. Source


2) You will get a bundle discount with AVIVA MyProtector Term Plan

The AVIVA MPCC, when attached with the MyProtector Term Plan, is 5-10% cheaper. The bundle can be used for your full death/CI/TPD planning needs. (MyProtector Term plan is a term life plan that provides you with coverage of death and Total and Permanent Disability)


  • “Special benefits” which are capped at 20% of sum assure or $25,000

Based on feedback from a trained medical professional, these 5 conditions have claimable limit of up to $25,000 and are extremely useful benefits to have as it is quite commonly diagnosed

1. Diabetic Complications
2. Angioplasty & Other Invasive Treatment for Coronary Artery
3. Osteoporosis with Fractures
4. Severe Rheumatoid
5. Mastectomy


  • Waiting period definition and claimable definition

The AVIVA MPCI classifies critical illnesses into 3 “pots”. As long as the second claim is made from a different pot, the waiting period is a short 30 days. If it is from the same pot, the second claim cannot be made.

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Manulife Ready CompleteCare, on the other hand, allows a second claim as long as it is a different condition. However, the waiting period longer at 12months.

Premium comparison between RCC and MPCI

You can try our premium aggregrator! It’s a 2-step process to compare the premiums! It’s that simple!

  1. Select your age (Do note we have only input values for age25/30/35/40)
  2. Select your gender

Screenshot example above. Click on comparison chart link below.

The author holds independent views about the merits of the above mentioned plans and is not a direct representative of any of the insurers. 


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