Last updated on April 23rd, 2019 at 11:35 pm

Principal Author: Josh Tan Jian Liang

Hi there, this is my story.

I kind-of hated technology just only a few years back. I only started using iPhone when it was iPhone 3.

When my wife tried to introduce me to use “calendar functions” on a smart phone, I gave her a long list of benefits using a paper based diary instead. Crazy….

But when my son was born, I started to think about his world.

What will his world be 20years down the road? The answer was clear.

I had to stop giving excuses and embrace technology.

Because only with this attitude would I be sending the right message to him. I want to give him the best head start I can for his future world.

With a new mindset, I tried adopting digital marketing to my profession soon after. I was clueless how to start. Hence, hundred of hours were spent learning how to build websites, codes and post facebook content.

In that period, I was blindly sharing content on investments, insurance and savings… anything I could to tell people what I know.

I was determined to make it work because I believed it could help me grow my business.

That was about end yr2015. Soon after, I even convinced a colleague that this will be the solution for our business in the long term.


Together, we started this website

The both of us sacrificed a lot of productive time and sleep time just to devote attention to build our website.

But after a year in, results were not forthcoming.

We tried FB advertising. We tried putting our blogs into forums. Nothing worked.

We were lost in the ocean of the internet and there were no customers to show for the work that we put in.

No one believed we were experts that could help them improve financially.

My colleague eventually left the industry to make ends meet and I was back to doing it alone. It was hard and I was filled with self doubt.

Raving reviews

But I was fortunate. Soon after, I met a friend. He was conquering his own industry with digital methods.

I learnt on SEO methods and email marketing methods.

He proved that by adding value online in a way never seen before, anyone can become a client!

I was blown-away.

I realised what was missing and I started applying his methods.


Today, I’ve readers and clients thanking me for giving advice they cannot find anywhere else.

Most reach me on their own accord. But I’m not stopping here.

Through, I want to educate and impact our society even more.

My mission is to inspire anyone including you who is reading this to “Take Charge Of Your Financial Future”

If you have questions, click on this link to contact me and my team!