Detailed Travel Insurance Analysis For Pregnant Mum

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A close friend of mine N was going to her favourite Australia yet again, only this time pregnant haha. She asked me to look at travel policies for her.

It’s great to go holiday on your second trimester cause when baby’s here, you ain’t going anywhere for 6months at least! Besides, you will not enjoy too much when your tummy is heavy in the 3rd trimester.

Exclusion to take note!

DO NOT CHOOSE THE CHEAPEST INSURER and assume you will be covered for medical treatment in an event of dehydration, motion sickness or injury while pregnant. It is generally excluded as shown below.

Before you read further, do note that insurers DO NOT cover for you if you are in your first trimester.

Beyond a certain number of weeks, many airlines will not allow flight for pregnant mums too.


3 insurers that can cover for pregnant mums!

I have found 3 plans and I’ve listed the policy wordings too.

  1. AVIVA (Travel Insurance): Plan details: Click here!

2) Liberty Insurance (TourCare Plus) : Plan details Click here!


3) Tokio Marine (TM Xplora): Plan details Click here!



If you like the TM Xplora travel plan, CLICK HERE TO QUOTE ONLINE

Input have an agent: ” 1686DDA-000-027 “


Further tips

Travel insurance claims will be on a reimbursement basis back in Singapore. Do note also that pregnancy related conditions will be excluded once the medical treatment is sought when back.

If you have further questions, do email us directly at or leave your email in the comments section below.

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