Travel Insurance For Pre-Existing Condition | MSIG & NTUC Income review

NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post but a sharing if you or your aged parents have pre-existing conditions and doing a holiday trip.

How MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex Plan works!

The MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex requires the following questions to qualify for a plan. They are:

  1. Following your treating doctor’s advice on medication, medical tests, treatment or surgery
  2. No medical condition or symptom which you have not consulted a doctor or pending medical test, diagnosis, treatment or surgery.
  3. Not required to receive treatment at a hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department more than once in the last 12 months
  4. Not required to stay in a hospital as an inpatient for more than once, or for a duration which is not more than 3 days in a row over the last 12 months

If ALL the answers are YES, you may proceed to apply.

If not, consider NTUC Income's Enhanced PreX Travel insurance which does not impose this. Details below.

Premium rates for the 9-day trip to China for a private client.

Do note that for adults age 70 and above, the limits are less. 

The Pre-Ex Elite plan has an overseas medical expenses limit of $100,000 only as shown below.

MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex VS "normal" MSIG TravelEasy plan

MSIG TravelEasy plans typical have a discount between 50-60%. The key difference between the plans is discount does NOT apply to Pre-Ex plan.

Hence, premium of the Pre-Ex plan is about 2-3x MORE EXPENSIVE than the "normal" MSIG TravelEasy!

The "Pre-ex" Elite is $160 vs Elite at $57.20 (both for the same single trip).

How NTUC Income's Enhanced PreX Travel Insurance works!

NTUC Income was the first to offer travel insurance for pre-existing condition. Plan is Enhanced PreX Travel Insurance plan and to purchase, click here

There are 3 tiers of plans. Superior and Prestige Enhanced PreX plans, NTUC Income will pay for half of your claims, subjected to the benefit limit of your plan, if you have to cancel, postpone, shorten or disrupt your trip due to pre-existing medical conditions.

Policy wordings are here

Comparison with NTUC Income's Enhanced PreX Travel Insurance

For the same $100,000 overseas medical expenses limit for age70 and above, the Enhanced PreX Superior is brought into comparison

Note: For Age 69 and below, coverage is $150,000 for overseas medical expenses with pre-existing condition.

Personally, I feel this is the most important factor other than the brand of the insurer.

The premium is CHEAPER ($150 vs $160) using the NTUC Enhance PreX superior vs the MSIG Pre-Ex elite plan for the 9-day China trip.

If you are insured under an Enhanced PreX plan, the first $100 for each visit for your outpatient medical treatment arising from your pre-existing medical condition or any sickness you knew about is excluded.

The rest is covered. On the other hand, MSIG Travel Pre-existing excludes all outpatient medical treatment.

Conclusions: Get either plan if you really have conditions!

What are some common conditions that really need these plans?

These include conditions such as strokes, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure, and even asthma, among others.

A normal travel plan will EXCLUDE such a pre-existing condition claim and the risk is there! Hence, buy the right plan.

I personally feel the NTUC Enhanced PreX Travel Plan has better value for money but the MSIG Traveleasy Pre-Ex plan has a cheaper alternative under "Pre-Ex Elite".

I'd share both the links below for you to decide. 

MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex:

NTUC Enhanced PreX Travel Plan:

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