List of TOP causes for Careshield Life claims!

There is a ton of information out there on Careshield Life but if you are looking for a simplified version, something more layman, this post is for you.

Most of the sponsored blog post out there focus on the benefits of Careshield life. If you are confused in the first place, the benefits don't really matter right?

So let's understand it better first...

Careshield life is a form of long term care insurance. It pays out benefits on a monthly basis.

Do you also have these questions on this topic?

Questions 1: Is Careshield Life similar to TPD or critical illness insurance?

Question 2: My IP plan covers outpatient care, do I still benefit from Careshield Life?

I think these answers will be a lot clearer once you understand the causes for claims

Stroke: Number 1 cause of claims for long term care (like careshield life)

It is STROKE. No two ways about it...

About 1/3 of claims (source from AVIVA) are from stroke patients.

The following part can help you answers some questions above

Stroke can be a covered condition with CI coverage. 

Notice the words "can be".. it depends on the stroke severity and what kind of CI policy you have.

Stroke may trigger Total & permanent disability (TPD) claims also.


Yes, there is a range of severity.

Some patients are permanently bedridden while others experience near full recovery after a year of rehab.

A patient who experience near full recovery after a year of rehab would have benefited from some Careshield Life payouts but the TPD would not pay.

TPD is for PERMANENT DAMAGE OR LOSSES and with a longer deferment period.

It is NOT the same criteria as long term care and Careshield Life.


Long term care insurance (like Careshield life) is to insure some of your NEW extra medical cost.

These medical costs are not only medication but also maid cost, nursing home cost, physio cost ...etc...

If you want to read abit more: 

click on this "cost for nursing" post

If you see it from a "NEW extra medical cost" point of view, the benefits make sense.

Government stepped up the benefits to $600/m because the old $400/m cannot even cover the cost of a maid. This also means that it is to me a "no brainer" if you qualify to upgrade.

Especially when you can use your medisave for premiums.

FYI: For Singaporeans and PR from year 1980 onwards, it is compulsory.

Read below to know the incentives to join Careshield life

I'm qualified on this subject

I come from a unique background.

My dad is a stroke patient, so the caregiving part and cost involved is very close to heart.

That was more than 13years back.

He started having a build up of brain pressure from a ladder climb and was admitted to hospital shortly after. Neurosurgeons inserted a cerebral shunt insertion to save the situation.

However, a full blown stoke still occured subsequently.

Having seen through these, I became a big advocate of long term care coverage and in my course of insurance advisory work, I've helped at least 100 people with their eldershield upgrades.

Because of it, I've heard a ton of confusion on this subject. 

Perhaps the best way is to bring out all the previous questions that I have had to answer and see if it helps you understand it better.

What are the other TOP causes of claims

Amputation can come from a condition of diabetes, cancer or trauma.

Some stats on diabetes: 3/10 Singaporeans over age 60 have diabetes. That high.

Although your IP plan will cover you for renal dialysis, long term care insurance (like careshield life) is needed to take care of other expenses like maid cost, transport cost, medication cost etc...

AND what about Dementia, Alzheimer's and other brain diseases that cause inability to remember how to do things? 

What about accidents or some form of degeneration of muscle?

Incentives: Join CareShield Life early if you are 1960-1979!

There are incentives to join CareShield Life within 2 years of launch.

Participation incentives will be spread equally over 10 years and will be used to offset the annual premium payable in that year. Even those who have pre-existing medical conditions can join the scheme, but underwriting criteria will be tightened after two years.

Year of BirthIncentiveIncentive Per Year
Before 1960S$2,500S$250

What I've realised

While stroke is a TOP cause for claims, there are many medical conditions or situations that can cause anyone to become disabled. 

For long term care, as long as you are unable to perform your daily activities for whatever reason (not just the 37 critical illnesses) you will incur NEW extra medical cost. 

Appreciate Careshield Life for what it can do for you and strongly consider if you need to cover more adequately with your own upgrade plan.

You've seen the analysis. 

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