Stocks and Investments seem to be the buzz words these days due to incessant news report such as Dow, S&P500 set record, Tech and Bitcoin continues to rally.

The proliferation of online brokerage further spark interest of the masses to take part in the stock market rally. However, with a multitude of brokerage both traditional and online, new investors are bound to be perplexed, which to sign up for.

If you are facing this dilemma, perhaps sign up one that offers low commission fees, robust analytical tools and other incentives.

Moomoo by FUTU SG has recently launched it's service in Singapore!

Futu Singapore, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Futu Holdings Ltd (‘Futu’), is licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (‘MAS’).

Who is Moomoo?

Moomoo a U.S.-based financial services company and subsidiary of Futu. Futu Holdings Limited operates as a holding company in digitised brokerage and wealth management platform in ChinaHong Kong, the United States, and internationally.

Futu is Nasdaq listed and backed by Tencent, a Chinese technology conglomerate.

To commemorate its launch, cash coupons and 1 FREE apple share are up for grabs when you sign up and deposit an initial amount of SGD2,700. 

In addition, Moomoo is giving out 90days commission-free trading for US, HK and SG markets. Level 2 market data for U.S stocks will also be credited for free upon signing up.

Lastly, stand a chance to win SGD600 cash coupon when friends and family sign up and deposit SGD2,700 using your referral links! 

Step 1 :

Opening an account is fast and easy.

Firstly, you can either download the Moomoo app or click our referral link! Next, fill in your particulars using Singpass or key in manually. Wait for one to three business days while your application is being reviewed.

Step 2 :

Once successful, you can deposit money and start trading!

To get one free Apple stock, you are required to deposit at least SGD2700. This promotion is only available to first 10,000 new users. Make sure to act fast!

Step 3 :

Voila! You should see one AAPL share credited to your account within 5 business days.

Do make use of it's additional referral incentives to extend your commission-free trading in the HK and US markets to up to 600 days and SGD600.

If you invite your friends to open an account with Moomoo (30 days and SGD30 per successful referral).

What I like about Moomoo?

1) Moomoo’s platform and tools

Moomoo offers its platform on PC, mobile and iPad, and can sync up on the three screens. The platform is perfect for an investor who gets serious about trading. 

  • Free Level 2 quotes: Moomoo enhances trading experience by showing quotes from NYSE Arcabook, NYSE Open book and Nasdaq Total View. It also covers order books from electronic securities exchanges with top 3 trading volumes. 
  • Besides some standard charts like bars, hollow candles, filled candles and lines. Moomoo boasts it's advanced multi-charting with over 50 technical indicators.
  • It provides access to pre- and post-market trading with advanced stock orders, including stop-limit orders and trailing stop-loss orders and up to 40 orders at the same time. 
  • 2) Moomoo’s research offerings

  • Users can modify their desired price alerts, bid/ask alerts, and event alerts, with in-app and phone notifications pushed.
  • Such comprehensive, synchronised and customisable alerts prevent investors from missing any important opportunities
  • With the news feature, it provides insights and current market affairs from a multitude of renowned financial media such as CNBC and Dow Jones Newswires. Hence, investors will be kept abreast enabling him to make decisive and informed investment decisions.
  • Moomoo has an in-app active community where users can participate in discussions; a place for beginners to learn and advanced investors to share gems of knowledge. Emulating social media features such commenting, tagging , forwarding or initiating a vote. With 100K+ users, there is something for everyone in a like-minded space to learn, share and make better investment decisions.
  • 3) Cost-savings for users

  • Moomoo is a great brokerage option if you want a good deal. With its commission-free trades and low-cost fee structure, you can put your money to work and keep even more in your pocket. 
    Start your investment journey with Moomoo by Futu Singapore with SPECIAL WELCOME BUNDLE (Free Stock and Cash Voucher worth $200 NOW) with this referral link here!
  • Common FAQs

    Q: Is there holding fees for holding stocks on their platform?

    A: There is no custodian fee.

    Q: What does it mean by a margin account?

    A: Ignore the word “margin”. It's a labelling error, it should be “cash” instead.

    Q: Is Moomoo safe?

    A: The Moomoo app is regulated by the SEC under Futu Inc. and is a member of FINRA and the SIPC. It is also regulated by the MAS.

    Fund security; your funds are covered up to $500,000 on the Moomoo App.

    Final Thoughts

    If you're new to stock trading, check out this tutorial below to help you become a better trader today!

    Despite having other brokerage accounts, I find the low-commission fees and new launch incentives irresistible. In addition, they provide up to date news and advanced charting.

    With such a holistic system, I can foresee myself using this brokerage much often in the future.

    Start your investment journey with Moomoo by Futu Singapore with SPECIAL WELCOME BUNDLE (Free Stock and Cash Voucher worth $200 NOW) with this referral link here!

    Last updated on May 1st, 2021 at 03:14 pm

    Kasper Toh: Enthusiastic Research Associate and Writer at The Astute Parent!
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