How Much Of Your CPF Be Locked Up When You Reach Age55?

From the day you start to work, you have been contributing to your 3 CPF accounts.

The Full Retirement Sum (FRS) is the "usual" amount you have to lock up when you reach the Age55.

If you have more than the Full Retirement Sum (FRS), you can withdraw the excess at Age 55!

Some history of the withdrawal limit from CPF

Before I can answer that question fully, knowing the history of the withdrawal limits imposed which is defined by the Minimum Sum (before 2016) or Full Retirement Sum FRS  (current standard) will be helpful.

The FRS will be gradually increased to reach a level of savings that a lower-middle income household would need for basic retirement expenses.

FRS is destined to increase, regardless you like it or not.

The incremental rate over the years has been the following:

Past Full Retirement Sum (FRS)


Based on above data, the incremental rate has been the following:

The increments since 2017 has been at a much lesser pace.

Projection of FRS if you are age 20 to age 50

I did a projection on the FRS for different age groups based on 3% and 4% increment rate.

The increment rate is highly related to Consumer Price Index which is on the average about 3% in Singapore.

The Full Retirement Sum (FRS) projection is as below.

*Do note that this is my reasonable projection of FRS to share with you and not a concluded number by CPF.

I am close to age 35 years old. It seems that I must have an excess of $300,000 in my retirement account before I can withdraw any monies with the FRS limit!

If you do not have the FRS, you can only withdraw $5,000 based on current CPF guidelines.

What about Basic Retirement Sum (BRS)

Basic Retirement Sum (BRS) is half of FRS. This scheme can be explored if you want to lock up less in your CPF.

It allows you to pledge your property if it is fully paid to be the other half of the FRS. 

In 2020, BRS will be $90,500.

Example: If you have a fully paid house that is pledged and $120,500 in your RA, you can withdraw $30,000.

If you are keen to learn more on CPF, watch the video below.


Hopefully, I have given you a glimpse of how much you can expect to withdraw from your CPF.

If it is possible, build up sufficient cash so that you need not rely on withdrawing from CPF the moment you reach age55.

Click to read this article on plans that can provide you cashflow in your retirement years!

There is also the Enhanced Retirement Sum (ERS) which is 1.5x that of the FRS.

It is if you have more than enough in your CPF and you would like to lock up more into your RA so that you can enjoy more cashflow during your retirement years.

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    • Hi Jimmy, stack the cashflows on top of CPF Life. If CPF ERS is not matching personal expectation, stack more personal annuities

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