Pat’s Schoolhouse & Brighton Montessori school fees 2020

We received a notice that our boy's fees were going to be revised upwards for 2020.

The coming jump in prices was substantial. Mrs and I wondered if it was fair.

Hence, we checked out the 3 neighbouring premier childcare centres to understand the price range there. After all, our last childcare centre tour was 2 years ago.

The prices stated below are of the centre near my place. Centre prices may differ from each other so if you are keen, do drop down to check personally.

But what I realised was most of the online numbers for fees seem outdated.

Hopefully this sharing can help you.

Pat's Schoolhouse $2,118.60 w GST

Pat's Schoolhouse is a known premier brand.

Abit on what I know, Mrs Patricia Koh who is the founder moved on from them in 2012. She now heads Maple Bear. See more on Maple Bear here

Fees for Pat's Schoolhouse will be raised from $1,900 to $1,980.

$80/m (4.2% increment) increment for year 2020.

Brighton Montessori $2,140.00 w GST

We thought Pat's Schoolhouse was costly. But Brighton Montessori's was even pricer.

If you don't already know, both brands are from Busy Bee's Asia.

Other brands under the family include Odyssey and Learning Vision.

The Little Skool-House $1,979.50 w GST

Lastly, we did a tour at The Little Skool-House hoping to see an offer that is significantly lower so that we can consider changing our boy over.

It is the lowest of the 3 we interviewed but by a small amount only at $1,979.50 for year 2020.

The place was very NEW though and fully air-conditioned.

For K1 and K2, the kids also have weekly show and tell sessions in English and Chinese. I like this kind of activity as it helps them gain confidence in public speaking.

Quick Conclusion and Millionaire Kids Group

This is a community to help teach kids on finance.

Joining this Facebook group. You'd see profile of millionaire families, articles on teaching kids the right mindset and quick tips to teach money to kids of all ages. More...

Yearly price increment from childcare centres seems here to stay. 

2 years ago I visited Maple Bear also and it was then $1,700/m. Probably it is $1,800+ for 2020. Hence, there are no cheap private childcare centres.

Think we'd be staying at our current Kindergarten which we still love. The curriculum is well structured which is something that I feel the 3 centres may not be able to match.

Mrs doesn't want me to leave information here for security so for details, I'd have to email you.

Drop a message to "Contact Us"

Even PCF centres like My First Skool has raised prices by $30-$50 yearly for the last few years which is also about 5%p.a. Todayonline reported about it here.

Have you seen the news that government will give additional childcare subsidies coming in soon for families with $12,000/m combined income. Hopefully it helps you in saving costs.

Read more: Childcare subsidies and more from NDR 2019!

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