MerdekaCare Plan why get this for your parents!

NTUC Income MerdekaCare Plan is a personal accident plan for members of the Pioneer and Merdeka generation. It helps protect Singapore citizens in event of an accident especially in their advanced years. 

So, should you get this for your parents?

​Updated from Sept 2019: Get higher coverage with the new Prestige Tier!

This is not the first time NTUC has responded to arising social ​needs.

They have done it previously when its supermarket co-operative NTUC Fairprice launched its in-house brand infant formula milk in response the steep-rising prices of formula milk.

Let’s quickly go through the basics of MerdekaCare

- It is a personal accident plan for Singapore citizens born on or before 31 Dec 1959.  

NO Medical check-up is required when signing up or renewing

- This plan is renewable for life

- Covers medical and hospital expenses in event of an accident, it also has daily hospita income coverage

In my opinion, so long the age-based requirements are met, this is a good plan to take up!

Aside from features seen in many other PA plans, these features stand out:

This plan is renewable for LIFE!

This plan is renewable for LIFE!One of the strongest reasons to get this plan is that you can keep on renewing this PA plan for life! For reference, here are the age limits of various PA plans.


Maximum Coverage Age

AXA Band Aid

Up to 75 years old

AIA Solitaire

74 years old (age last birthday)

Great Eastern Golden Protector

Under 85 years old on renewal

PRUpersonal Accident

Under 75 years old on renewal

As we enter old age, we aren’t as nimble or focused as when we are in our prime, as such, unforeseen accidents have higher chance of occurring.

It is re-assuring to be covered for financial losses and inconvenience in event of an accident.

Unlike Income’s SilverCare is a similarly structured PA plan, MerdekaCare doesn’t have ​last entry age requirements. SilverCare’s last entry age is 75 years old. 

​All the more reason to enroll into MerdekaCare if you missed the boat on SilverCare.​​​

Protect Yourself from Less Than $0.50/day

The premiums are simple and has only 2 age tiers among 3 plan types which is very simplified and easy to understand compared to other PA plans.

Premiums updated Sept 2019!

Screenshot from product brochure dated as of writing 

For the coverage, this could be one of the least expensive PA plans available; especially when factoring in that it is renewable for life.

This plan is ​replaces Income’s current SilverCare Plan, we've previously covered this plan here.

According to a StraitsTimes article in 2015, 

NTUC Income had about 5,000 elderly taking up the Silvercare plan within 3years.

That plan already paid out more than 300 claims with each claim about $600 on average!

So covering for personal accident for elderly really works.

Check to the end of the post for the promotion and how we can help you or your parents sign up!

Is this NTUC's social commitment towards Merdeka and Pioneer Generation?

This is a big-picture thought, but the more I read through this plan’s full features, the more I feel that this plan is really doing what I can to help the elderly in events of an accident.

This is one of the many ways in which NTUC, as a whole, has undertaken on itself to fulfill its social commitments.

To proof my point, here’s the table of coverage screen grab from its brochure.

Table of Coverage latest as of Sept 2019

Outpatient expenses due to accident include treatment by licensed TCM and/or chiropractor up to $50 per visit.

There’s even home cleaning services and caregiver training coverage, that is quite a personal touch.

There are no optional riders, just one wholesome plan to protect its policyholders in event of an accident.

Question: My parents are permanent residents, can they get this plan?

No, this plan is only eligible for Singaporean Citizens born before 31 December 1959.

Question: There is no Medical Check-up required, does it mean this plan covers pre-existing conditions?

No, this plan doesn’t cover any claims due to sickness.

It only covers injury claims as a result of an accident (i.e. falls, traffic accidents, etc).

And injuries caused by pre-existing health conditions will be excluded.

Question: Does this plan covers policyholders while traveling?

Yes, this policy covers policyholders while in Singapore and while outside Singapore for no more than 180 days in a row at a time from date of departure from Singapore, senior globetrotters take note!

We do recommend to also buy a travel insurance which will cover not just accident but medical bills overseas. Click here to see our travel insurance deals

The last line is particularly relatable as some elderly may take up hot-air balloon rides or hiking/trekking related activities during travel and this plan still covers for accidents occurred while traveling overseas.

Question: How many times can I claim from this plan?

It depends on the claim, referring to the table of coverage, it varies between per accident, per policy year, and once in a lifetime (meaning there is a lifetime limit on this claim regardless of renewals).

Question: Can I apply if I have diabetes or major health conditions

Subjected to what kind of major health conditions. Please declare accurately. 

For diabetes condition with Insulin Injection, NTUC Income can only accept Basic plan. If it is only oral medication, NTUC Income can accept applications all plans.

Accidental claims and losses due to diabetes will still be excluded as it is pre-existing.

If you'd like to purchase or have any questions needing help, email to

Conclusion and launch promotion!

With all these in mind, this plan is a must get if you or your parents meet the age requirements.

It is affordable, simple, yet comprehensive in its coverage, and the most important of all, it is renewable for life.

PS: Do you know that Merdeka Generation (MG) package was announced during Aug 2018 National Day Rally?

Summary of incentives given in MG Package
  1. One time top-up of $100 for PAssion Silver Card.
  2. CHAS card giving you subsidised rates at selected clinics.
  3. $200 Medisave top-ups per year from 2019-2023.
  4. 5% off Medishield Annual Premiums if you are aged 60-75 or 10% if you are 75 and above.
  5. A total of $4,000 worth of incentives to enjoy CareShield Life.

If you'd like to purchase or have any questions needing help, email to

Click to read our post on Merdeka Generations Package here!

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