Everything to know on NTUC Income Orange Health and Great Eastern GETGREAT

Life insurers are rolling out initiatives and products to encourage a healthier lifestyle for all of us!

It is a win-win situation as we enjoy rewards such as discounted premiums or vouchers when we achieve health goals while insurers benefit from a healthier pool of policyholders.

Hopefully, this means lower premium rates for us. If you are a NTUC Incomeshield policy holder or a Great Eastern policy holder READ ON =)

Do you know of NTUC Income Orange Health ?

Orange Health is a rewards program created by NTUC Income to empower IncomeShield policy holders to take charge of your health. 

With Orange Health, not only it can track your fitness and health-related activities, you can also earn Oh! points and redeem them for vouchers with their lifestyle partners.

How to be eligible for NTUC Income Orange Health

You can join by buying either Enhanced IncomeShieldIncomeShield Standard Plan and IncomeShield.

Other plans like wholelife and endowment plans are not eligible. Sorry.

How to earn Oh! points

By doing any of these activities, you can accumulate Oh! points to get vouchers from Capitaland, Grab , Garmin , etc.

These are the criteria/limits on how many times you can redeem Oh! points per day.

Every time you redeem Oh! points there will be a limited time for you to use the points. 

These are the participating food stores/gyms to redeem the Oh! points

When you want to redeem your Oh! points, you must scan the QR code using the Income Insurance app.

What is Great Eastern GETGREAT ?

GETGREAT is a platform from Great Eastern that helps achieve your wellness goals and rewards you by taking on challenges, by yourself or with friends.

You also can get health tips every day and have round-the-clock guidance.

How to be eligible for Great Eastern GETGREAT

There's no requirement and can by used by everyone !!

Of course, if you are a policy holder of Great Eastern you can earn more points and redeem more vouchers.

By doing these challenges, you can accumulate GetGreat points to convert to UpGreat points to redeem vouchers from Al-Futtaim, Krisflyer, Shell, Watsons, Gain City and more from the UpGreat app.

If it seems confusing just know that GetGreat is get points , while Upgreat is to redeem the points for vouchers. ** Need to download GetGreat and UpGreat separately and need to use the same Email account for both apps. 

After you have redeem the UpGreat points, you can open up Upgreat app to start redeeming your vouchers. ** You can also just use Upgreat for getting free deals, vouchers , loyalty cards, etc without needing GetGreat.

You can use UpGreat for package deals, loyalty cards and redeeming vouchers.


When comparing both application , I personally think the GetGreat and UpGreat from great eastern is attractive. They allow everybody to download and use plus you get also can get great offers from UpGreat. 

If you are already a NTUC Incomeshield policy holder, consider the Orange Health if you exercise regularly at the ActiveSg's facilities and often eat at the FoodFare food court.

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