Our Belief

Last updated on May 15th, 2018 at 05:51 pm


Everything we do at The Astute Parent

 is to PROMOTE EXPERT IDEAS for families.

Let’s help mums and dads make a better tomorrow! Our core team is on financial ideas and we envision a future where we can help introduce many other best ideas for families.



How we are different in helping you with insurance planning and investment advice?

1) Free online content (we are accountable for the accuracy of information)

2) Professionally qualified person to handle your questions (not an uninterested salary staff or a newbie)

3) Commitment to giving you the best value and discounts



In our experience so far, these are some things to highlight to you 

1) Avoid asking us YES/NO answers to what your agent or banker is suggesting. How can our opinion be YES to that suggestion? We too want to be engaged and its not going to be unbiased in such a situation.

  • So we suggest: tell us your objectives and judge our expert ideas at arms length
  • If you want to contact us: Be fair in giving us an open chance to provide our services.

2) Ensure your full personal information (Full name/DOB/Smoker status/Occupation/Income) and current situation is disclosed to us. It shortens our research process for you.


Quick reasons on why do you need expert financial ideas?

1) Experts have seen through the experience of many others

2) Qualitative analysis cannot be replaced

3) Helping you to double-check – just like a co-pilot – As the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know

4) Save you time and help you avoid mistakes


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