Complete Guide For Confinement Food 2021

Paying close attention to what you eat is vital and necessary to ensure you recover and rejuvenate well from your delivery.

With these confinement catering meals, you can enjoy piping hot, tasty and nourishing meals sent straight to you every single day! 

Price Comparisons for 28-day Packages

28 day Dual Meal Packages are the most Popular ones among Mums.

This is a quick summary updated as for 2020.

Strongly recommend to go for the early bird discounts (one month before your EDD) and get some savings!


Early bird Prices for 28 day Dual Meal Packages 

Standard Prices for 28 day Dual Meal Packages

Chilli Padi Catering

Nil. (Promotions stated below)


Tian Wei Signature



Richfood Catering



Happy Mummy



Thomson Baby


Angel Confinement Meals


Quick review of 7 of the best confinement catering companies in Singapore.

1) Chilli Padi Catering

You get mouth-watering dishes comprising of Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, Shabu Shabu with XO Wine, Grilled Salmon Fillet with Mirin sauce. 

The meals promote lactation which includes key ingredients such as Salmon, Spinach, Papaya and their own baked lactation cookies! 

A point to consider is the 2 weekly menus that alternate through the month. So that you don't get the same meal every week!! Meals will be the same for Week 1 & 3, Week 2 & 4.

Meals are prepared with low in sodium and MSG-Free, made with Kampung Chicken and Sakura Chicken. Hence, expect it to be more tender, juicier and tastes delicious. These chickens also tend to have less cholesterol and saturated fat.

Source: https://www.chillipadiconfinement.com.sg/pages/promotions

Traditional Chinese Herbs such as Wolfberries, Red Dates, Black Date, Dried Longans, are utilized in their meals. It will help you improve digestion, support healthy lactation and restore the body's core energy.

Simplejesme’s review commented that since Chilli Padi is perhaps the healthiest caterer. Most dishes were quite bland and less oily to her.

Some noteworthy dishes were steamed salmon, stir fried asparagus and homemade bean curd.

Others have also given feedback that the red date tea comes in generous portions daily, and is thicker and tastier than others.

The meals you get come in tingkat containers, packed in thermal bags so that food can be kept warmer. However, you’ll need to wash them. 

Contact details:

Hotline: +65 6914 9900

Email: confinement@chillipadi.com.sg

2) Tian Wei Signature

You get a modern twist with Tian Wei Signature’s confinement menu. From forums, it is one of the recommended brands.

Traditional confinement food such as Braised Pork Trotters in Black Vinegar and other dishes that are infused with ‘heating’ ingredients such as old ginger, sesame oil, rice wine will be served in the first week.

From Week 2 onwards, you’ll get to opt for fusion cuisine. Their current package prices and promotions are as follows:

A traditional meal consists of rice (changes between pumpkin rice, five-grain rice and fried rice), meat/ fish dish and a vegetable dish.

A fusion meal comprises rice, meat/fish dish, dessert, and red date tea.

They work hand in hand with TCM physicians to ensure that herbs are added in precise proportions to create meals that are well balanced in nutrients. No MSG or artificial flavouring is added. 

Check out the fusion food menu which comprises of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. A few examples are:

Mediterranean Cuisine:

  • Seared Salmon with Cauliflower Cream and Tri colour Grains
  • Tian Wei Signature Coq Au Vin

Japanese Cuisine:

  • Kurobuta Pork Loin with Apple Mirin Sauce and Spaghetti
  • Goma-Ae Grilled Chicken with Spinach Serve with Ginger Miso Soup and Calrose Rice

They also provide 28 days of herbal soups to boost your strength and improve blood circulation. 

Some of these include:

Ginseng Nourishing Soup

  • Strengthen the body's immune system and increases energy, promotes digestion. Suitable for people who are physically weak or experience appetite loss.

Eucommia Pig Kidney Soup

  • Essential ingredients to prevent backaches, helps to replenish and restore energy.

Green Papaya Fish Soup

  • Detoxifies and increases breast milk, reduces diuresis and swelling.

View the Full menu online.

Meals come in microwaveable food grade plastic containers, packed in thermal bags. That mean's you don't have to wash them! (although less environmentally friendly...)

Lunch and dinner meals are different, and delivered separately. 

Customers have commented that their portions are generous and the food is delivered warm

Others have noted that Tian Wei is also very accommodating to personal dietary requests, so if you request to omit or change any ingredients, they will substitute with another or change it to a different dish.

Contact details:

Hotline: +65 6727 5599

Email : sales@tianweisignature.com

3) NouRiche by RichFood

You get a well established brand (RichFood Group has been in the food industry for over a decade) with even a special menu catered for vegans! The prices of their meal packages and limited promotions are:

Richfood Confinement Food menu offers a wide selection of healthy dishes with no MSG added. Some of their signature ones are:

 Ba Zhen With Pork Rib Soup (八珍排骨汤)

  • Invigorates spleen, boosts energy level and promotes better blood circulation

Chayote With Sliced Fish (佛手片鱼片)

  • Rich source of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and promotes healing

You can also customise well with Richfood’s menu plans especially if you prefer low or no salt and to omit ingredients like pork, beef, chicken, seafood, pig’s liver, pig’s trotter or eggs. 

Meals come in microwavable disposable containers, packed in thermal bags. (Customers will be given 1 complimentary thermal bag.)

Lunch and dinner meals are different, and are delivered separately. Each meal comes with longan red date tea.

Richfood has a menu that changes almost daily which makes it something exciting for customers to look forward to, wow! 

What if you loved the food from yesterday? Hmm...

Simplyjesme commented that Richfood is the tastiest caterer. “They have the best pork dishes and longan red dates soup. However, their sheng hua soup is really bitter.” 

She says that their dishes are quite delicious because they’re oiler and saltier. So if you’re more health conscious, you might not want that. To her, some noteworthy dishes are grilled salmon, pork ribs with pumpkin and braised sliced fish with potatoes.

Lastly, if you want Sheng Hua Soup (traditional Chinese herbal soup widely consumed immediately after delivery), they have it too!

It is believed to improve blood circulation and metabolism, expel toxins and lochia.

Phone: 90022577

Email: sales@richfoodsg.com

4) Happy Mummy

You can choose from Standard, Classic, or Premium package with Happy Mummy. Like Chilli Padi Catering, the standard package is made up of 2 weekly menus that alternate through the month.

Prices of the Standard Package are as follows.

However, if you’re not a fan of repetitiveness, you can consider the Classic package ($1,888) or the Premium package ($2,198), where the menu is changed every week.

Happy Mummy specialises in traditional recipes ingredients like ginger, lotus seed and include chinese herbs important for detox functions and nourishing needs.

Your meals will be served with the option of white or brown rice. Everything will be prepared by experienced chefs and are healthy, with low salt and oil content (moderate portions of sesame seed oil). No MSG is included.

Their confinement meals will be delivered to you either in environmentally friendly Tingkat containers which would be on loan to you. Tingkat containers must be washed before they’re collected from your home. 

Contact details:

Email : admin@happy-mummy.com

Tel : (65) 8429 8871 / 97207009

5) Sizzling Dyyana

If you are looking for Halal certified confinement food, Sizzling Dyyana is among the small handful of caterers qualify.

This home operated business is run by Dyyana Awang, who cooks and delivers your meals from her home kitchen. She visits the wet market daily, then announces the day’s menu via Whatsapp based on what’s fresh that day, along with the nutritional benefits of the ingredients. Drinks and tea-time snacks such as lactation cookies and muffins are often included.

The meals she prepares for you will be using organic ingredients and she does not add MSG into her food. 

According to YoungParents, there’s minimal use of ginger, sesame oil and ginseng to prevent jaundice symptoms as well. If you have dietary requests, such as omitting or changing ingredients, it is possible too.

Previous customers took a liking towards her home-cooked style,  and have commented on the Asian and Western flavours incorporated into her food.

The main course can vary from Pan-Fried Salmon or Thai Green Curry Black Snapper with Brown or Red Rice, coupled with Chinese spinach in garlic-and-anchovy broth. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can enjoy her lactation-friendly home baked scones or cookies that are simply delightful.

The meals come in microwaveable containers and are delivered from Mondays to Saturdays, except public holidays. In a day, lunch and dinner meals are the same, packed and delivered together midday.

She doesn't have a website but you can DM her for the latest prices for her meal packages.

Contact details: Whatsapp 8222 3105, www.instagram.com/_sizzlingdyyana_

6) Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery

If you're looking for professionally crafted meals and with a changing food menu, this may be it!

They’re one of the few caterers who changes their food menu daily for 28 days.  However, this does come with a hefty price tag, with $1,980 for a 28-day dual meal package. For TMC First Born Incentive (FBI) and Subsequent Born Incentive (SBI) members, there is a discounted price of $1920.

Thomson Baby is affiliated to Thomson Medical and each meal is developed by their team of Nutritionists, TCM and lactation experts, infused with fresh ingredients and herbs. 

View the Full Traditional menu: https://thomsonbaby.com/shop/info/thomson-confinement-food-home-delivery/todays-menu

View the Full Non Pork menu: https://thomsonbaby.com/shop/info/resepi-ibunda-confinement-food-home-delivery/resepi-ibunda-menu

Thomson Baby also has a collaboration with a Halal certified kitchen to provide Halal Resepi Ibunda Confinement packages for Muslim mothers.

The 28-Day dual meal package you'd get consists of two cycles: 

  1. 10 days 
  2. Subsequent 18 days.

The food in the first cycle are mild to aid your digestion.

In the second cycle, you'd get dishes such as Hong Zao Pork Ribs and Double-boiled Sakura chicken with cordyceps and their Signature dish, Braised Pig's Trotters in Black Vinegar. Papaya fish soup, a well known milk supply booster, has been highly favoured amongst mums.

Their soups are all double boiled to maximise the nutritional benefits and preserve the essence of ingredients. This could be the reason why other mums have commented that their soups are more concentrated and flavourful than others.

For each meal, you’ll get rice (choice of white or brown rice), meat/fish dish, vegetables, soup, and red dates & longan tea. They all contain low salt and fat content and no MSG is added.

The meals are delivered in thermal containers, packed in thermal bags. They come daily, with lunch and dinner delivered separately so that it’s warm when it reaches your doorstep. You won’t have to wash the containers, just leave them outside for collection. On the last day, meals will be delivered in microwaveable containers.

Contact details:

Hotline: 6350 8848

Contact form: https://thomsonbaby.com/shop/contact-us

7) Angel Confinement Meals

This review is kindly sponsored by Angel Confinement Meals and views are solely our own.

Angel Confinement Meals pride themselves on using only fresh and organic ingredients along with premium Grade A TCM-approved herbs. What makes them unique is they have a team of in-house chefs and nutritionists who possess the knowledge and skills needed to serve the best confinement food, taste and nutrition.

We were invited for a food tasting for some of their specialty dishes.


Their Pig's Trotter in Ginger & Vinegar is not too tart like other variations that I’ve tried before, even our son likes it. He also likes the Stir Fried Spinach with Mushrooms, which had a generous serving of mushrooms, as well as the Red Bean Soup. We also tried the Steamed Codfish with ginger, Green Papaya Fish soup and Pumpkin Brown rice. In general, the dishes were tasty but not too oily or salty. 

The 28day menu has quite a lot of variety on rotation. 


I also like that they serve their food in a bento microwaveable box to minimise plastic and food wastage. 

I thought it’s interesting that they provide a vegetarian confinement meal option which not many companies offer. They also have Post Surgery Recovery meals and Rejuvenate Beauty Collagen meals packages available, whose menu sounds absolutely delicious. 

They also tie up with other service providers to offer some freebies like lactation cookies, chicken essence and trial post-natal massage for their customers. Their website serves as a one-stop service that busy sleep deprived parents can tap on for baby shower buffet catering and baby photography packages. You can also add on confinement bath, birds’ nest and lactation bakes to your meal package. 

Currently Angel Confinement Meals is running an early bird promo for $188 off and you get an

extra 7 day complimentary Rejuvenate Beauty Collagen meal package to be enjoyed after confinement. 

Contact details: Hotline: 9101 2086 .

Email : Sales@angelconfinementmeals.com.sg


Summary: Which confinement caterer’s the best fit for you?

For those who have special diets, you may choose any of the ones below:

Halal options: Sizzling Dyyana & Thomson Confinement food

Menus that change daily: Nouriche Catering & Thomson Confinement food

Customisable meals: Nouriche and Tian Wei Signature 

Fusion cuisine: Tian Wei Signature 

For those on a tighter budget: Happy Mummy 

Vegetarian option: Angel Confinement Meals

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