AXA SmartPA Protect+ Review – The Best Personal Accident Plan For Parents?

Why NEW AXA SmartPA Protect+?

For AXA SmartPA Protect+ , the policy wordings are good and there is a $2,000 limit for medical expenses for the most basic plan (SILVER). Premium is really competitive and has a promotion now!

Do note that AXA Singapore is now part of the HSBC group but there is no change in the product if you are an existing policy holder.

Free coverage for child!

For AXA SmartPA Protect+ , with just one parent covered, child get FOC coverage of 20% of parent limits. Especially important for medical expenses from injuries that need treatment from outpatient clinics.

This is a quick glance at the plan main benefits first.

The part parents will love is the FOC coverage for HFMD for their kids.

SECTION 7 – HAND, FOOT & MOUTH DISEASE (HFMD) BENEFIT – Applicable to Child Cover Only

If, during the Period of Insurance, any of Your Children sustains Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and requires medical treatment, We will pay a benefit of $50 per occurrence and up to $100 per year provided the blood test results with confirmed diagnosis are submitted as proof of claim.

This benefit excludes any claims where diagnosis of infection is made within 14 days from the commencement date of this Policy.


First KEY benefit is  LETTER OF GUARANTEE (LOG) – Applicable to Gold or Platinum Plan only

If, during the Period of Insurance, You sustain Injury due to an Accident and are Hospitalised whilst Overseas and if the Hospital requires an upfront cash deposit for Your Hospital admission, We can arrange to issue the LOG directly to the Hospital, up to the specified limit under this Section applicable to the Selected Plan.

Second KEY benefit is extension to Food and Drink Poisoning
We will reimburse You for the medical expenses incurred for the treatment of food and drinks poisoning.
The amount paid out for this benefit will be deducted from the Sum Insured under SECTION 3 – ACCIDENTAL MEDICAL EXPENSES.

Read AXA SMARTPA PROTECT+ Policy wordings

TCM limit of at least $1,000/y

TCM claims are becoming frequent as a treatment method for injuries.

If you feel it is important, check the limit that fits your needs in the core benefits section of policy.


Disclaimer: The promotion may change so do check latest offer!

With promotion price, this plan may be the best personal accident plan!

PS: Do default is "manual", do select non-manual if you are desk bound.

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Ending note!

Filing for claim must be within 30days.

Policy wordings for "accident" is good

"A sudden and unforeseen event that solely and independently results in Injury, disablement or death and which is not caused by any Illness or medical condition."

Personally I didn't add the "ADD-ON PACK". The main plan is good enough =)

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