AXA HappyMummy | NEW Pregnancy Insurance Plan 2021!

The new AXA HappyMummy takes some of the best pregnancy coverage benefits in the market and adds on more for you! Introducing this for mummies of 2021!

In this article, I'd be sharing more on how you can use AXA HappyMummy plan for coverage that can be transferred to your baby.

How AXA HappyMummy works

AXA HappyMummy can be purchased from week 13. Product summary here.

It is a bundled plan which is AXA EmpoweredMum (for maternity) and either the AXA Life Treasure (whole life plan) or the AXA Flexi Protector (investment linked plan). 

I'd be recommending to buy the AXA Life Treasure as a whole life plan has guaranteed surrender value and limited premium payment term.

As shown above, the KEY benefit is to transfer the life/TPD/CI/Early CI on the AXA Life Treasure from mummy to baby within 60days. This has similarities to the AIA Mum2Baby plan.

There are 2 limits to note in designing the plan.

Firstly, maximum sum assured limit for transfer with no underwriting is $300,000.

Secondly, the maximum claims limit per lifetime of the Life Assured aggregated across all other policies issued by AXA is as follows:

  1. i)  S$250,000 for each Early Stage CI condition; and
  2. ii)  S$350,000 for each Intermediate Stage CI condition.

The maternity rider (AXA EmpoweredMum) continues to provide coverage for the next 3years which is crucial especially for baby.

FREE AXA Shield Plan B for child

The unique benefit of AXA HappyMummy is the FREE AXA shield plan B you can buy for baby after birth without medical underwriting.

Two things to note. Firstly, any Pre-Existing Conditions or congenital illnesses Your Child was born with (or the signs or symptoms of these illnesses) known before the effective date of the AXA Shield Plan B Policy and any rider, if applicable will not be covered.

Secondly, for babies born with pre-existing conditions, it is always hard to get medical insurance coverage in.

Hence, this shield plan without medical underwriting benefit is still highly valued in my opinion.

The FREE portion of the first year AXA Shield Plan B refers to AXA Shield Plan B premium only (current premium cost is $78). You are required to pay the MediShield Life premium.

Premium is also payable for any rider attached.

Read here on our review of AXA shield.

Do note that if baby is born prematurely, the AXA Shield Plan B Application can only be submitted on and within 60 days from your expected due date (EDD), to enjoy the free first year premium on AXA Shield Plan B without underwriting.

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Unique coverage on pregnancy/delivery from AXA empoweredmum

The list for for pregnancy complications is currently the most comprehensive in the market.

Do note that claims for pregnancy complications are a benefit and can be in conjunction with your integrated shield plan claim if its is an overlapping condition.

NEW benefit is the early delivery by Caesarean section. It must be deemed medically necessary and at less than 36 weeks. 

Unique coverage on child from AXA empoweredmum

The list for for child congenital conditions is currently the most comprehensive in the market with CAKUT being introduced.

#26 Ventricular septal defect is an abnormal opening (hole) in the heart that forms between the heart's lower pumping chambers (ventricles), as shown in the heart on the right. I've seen clients with babies born with this condition

The hospital care benefit is 2% of sum assured which is amongst industry highest currently. Maximum claimable number of days is 30.

It takes care of premature NICU requirements and phototherapy treatment for neonatal jaundice.

Question: How much is the premium for AXA HappyMummy in total?

The AXA EmpoweredMum is a single premium for 3year term and premium is by age.

For ANB35, premium is $900 for $10,000 sum assured.

The AXA Life Treasure is a wholelife plan with yearly premium depending on entry age and sum assured level chosen. There are multiple limited pay options starting from 10years

Recommendations for sum assured level should be with needs analysis and customised.


There is a sister plan, the AXA HappyFamily, which is a plan bought on father/mother/child sibling and an option to purchase AXA LIFE Treasure or AXA Flexi Protector for baby at birth. As it requires more planning and fits for more needs, I'd recommend it on a case-by-case situation.

The AXA HappyMummy plan on the other hand is simple enough in my opinion and indeed comprehensive for the maternity coverage.

The transfer of life/tpd/CI coverage also ensures your baby will be covered from day 0.

The option to buy AXA Shield plan B also solves the risk of baby needing medical insurance at birth. Hence, this plan is a top recommendation.

Maximum sum assured for AXA empoweredmum (maternity rider) is now at $30,000!

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