Complete Guide To Earning $3 FREE CASHBACK On GooglePay!

Before I continue, GooglePay is definitely NOT a scam!

As we can see the emergence of fintech has gotten all the big companies crazy. 

Aside from our traditional banks which offer digital payment methods, companies such as Grab which is well known for its transport and delivery services is also having its very own GrabPay. Today, our biggest search engine company, Google is also hopping onto the bandwagon. 

This payment application is connected to three main money sources namely: 

PayNow, a Bank Account and a Credit card.

It is rather flexible. For me my parents will give me my allowance on PayLah! Since it is more convenient for me as most of the stalls in schools use it.

Hence, it is the account I use to send money to my friends on GooglePay. You could also use other bank account if PayLah! Doesn't suit your liking. 

However, it is by default that the receiving account has to be via PayNow. 

What is so unique about GooglePay?

I would say it is the excitement when you scratch your ruffle rewards after making transactions!!

It works like a cash back system where I have actually seen people receiving from a few cents up to $20!! This reward system is a randomised one though so it really depends on your luck!

One of its coolest features is it allows users to book movie tickets! You could choose from all the movies available in the cinemas today and it will show you the specific cinema and time that the movie will be screening. How convenient!

Calling out to all movie lovers, what are you waiting for!

Now that covid is slightly better, you can finally have some time in the theatre! 

Another insightful feature is its ability to split bills! GooglePay, I would say is the most social payment application compared to our familiar PayLah! And PayNow.

It allows friends to form groups and even have group chats in this application itself. 

Photos below adapted from techgoondu.com

If you invite people to use Google Pay both of you will receive $3!

Join me on Google Pay and you’ll earn $3 when you opt in to Google Pay offers and rewards and make your first payment (min. $10)! Terms apply.

Download the app. You may use my referral code kv1368b to get started. https://g.co/payinvite/kv1368b

While you invite your friends, do note that after the 50th person you are no longer entitled to the free $3. Hence, this means that you can actually earn up to $400 from just inviting people!

(Provided they make their first transaction with Google Pay before both parties can receive the free money)

This promotion ends on the 24th Jan2021.

Step 1: Download Google Pay using my link: https://g.co/payinvite/kv1368b

Step 2: Check the referral code by clicking onto your display photo on the top right hand corner

Step 3: Click on the three dots on the top right corner, then click on the referral code option

Step 4: Ensure that the code is there! It should be under the 

“Referral award earned ___my code___”

Step 4: Make your first transaction (>$10 to your friend and ask for it back!) and receive your free money now! 

Also, you can only receive up to 3 scratch cards a week! The transaction needs to be at least $10.

It can come in the form of Peer to Peer Payment, Tap & Pay using Google Pay In-Store (excluding public transport transactions) and Food pick-up orders made with Businesses on The Spot Platform found on the Google Pay app.

You can also use to pay IRAS, grab, shopee. Do note only one transaction per merchant a month.

To qualify, each payment transaction must be at least $3. One caveat is that this is only applicable to android users with NFC capability.

For transferring money to friends, up to two times a week and only for first payment to that individual for the month.


Keep a lookout on the offers section on GooglePay! As Google Pay is slowly expanding its reach, there are many promotions happening for its partners. 

Is it worth opening the account since I already have other digital payment applications already?

Personally, I am just downloading for the cash rewards. I have experienced how overwhelming it can be when you have money in all different applications.

I used to work for Singtel and their canteen uses Dash for payment. After my contract ended, I lost touch with Dash and it is only until a year later that I realised that I actually have money in the account. 

Hence, if you are not someone who is careful about your finances, I would recommend you to ciao and stick to one payment application.

However, Google Pay is completely fine to keep as it is just a platform to facilitate payment services.

The money eventually goes right into your bank/card that you have set in your settings!

Download the app. You may use my referral code kv1368b to get started. https://g.co/payinvite/kv1368b

PS: Seen the news on SINGAPORE'S NEW DIGITAL BANKS? Watch tutorial below!

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