NEW NTUC Income Capital Plus | 2.13% Guaranteed Interests Cash & SRS Approved

*Lastest: Plan will be sold out by 31MARCH2020!*

NTUC Income is back with another tranche* of Capital Plus (CSN4) starting on 24th March.Capital Plus is a single premium, 3-year endowment plan, the premise is very simple:

Guaranteed yield of 2.13% per annum

Minimum $20,000

​Funded by Cash or SRS

Guaranteed Issue with no medical check ups required

*​tranche​ simply means a layer of​, usually refers to money.

​A simple illustration for every $20,000 after 3 years will have a maturity value of $21,305. 

Every $1,000 after 3 years will have
guaranteed maturity value of $1,065.25

​Main Features at a Glance

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​This product is usually very popular, each tranche is picked up very quickly and will be fully subscribed within the week if not 1 or 2 days from release.

At time of writing, the interest rates of SSB is 1.46% and the fixed deposit rate stands at 1.​45% (​based on a 12 month fixed deposit by Maybank).

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