How Do Blogs And Youtube Channels Earn Money?

Do you know the number one choice of career for kids these days?

Forget about Doctor, Teacher and lawyer... Youtuber is the NUMBER 1 JOB KIDS WANT!

Look at the stats below (from The Sun UK)

In addition, you may want to know that Four out of 10 Millennials say that their favourite YouTubers understand them better than family and friends.

Hence, I've shared with our community of parents at TheAstuteParent that it is a must to understanding youtube. At least scrutinise what on who your kid is watching and listening to.

Back to the point on jobs kids want, Number 2 on the list is blogger. In many ways, it is also influencing peers via internet and/or social media.

Hence, in today's post, you know better the possible income streams from such a career.

To a smaller extent, I'd also share how to make side hustle/passive income if you want to start a blog or a youtube channel.

Blogs earn money from advertisement banners like Google Adsense

If you go to TheAstuteParent.com for example, you'd see advertisement banners.

Many blogs have it also.

When you also have a blog, you can partner with google adsense to earn from advertisement banners. There are many other display networks like Taboola.

How Google Adsense (or any display network) pays a blog is usually by 2 methods

- impressions (when someone visits)

- clicks on ads 

Before that, they charge the banner advertiser a fee and this fee is used to pay the blog eventually.

Advertisement revenue is NOT the focus at TheAstuteParent and neither do we have a lot of experience in it. We aim to help young families with financial planning ideas.

The sharing below is just a proof that ad revenue from blogs can be a possible side hustle. Currently, it generates $1-$5 a day in passive earnings. Maybe just to help with some cost of maintaining the website.

Earn money from affiliate sales or sponsors

Blogs can also earn from affiliate sales or sponsored post.

We don't have much information of it currently and the amount that can be earned is also very subjective.

Affiliate sales is simply commission when someone buys something through your referral code. You know the "Get your friend to sign up and get $20 from us today!" kind of referral incentive is similar.

Sponsored post is simply a paid project to write on behalf of an advertiser.

In general, these 2 methods are more lucrative than advertisement banners to a blog.

Influencers on instagram make money from these 2 sources also.

How to start a blog today to earn money from a blog?

There are many free websites today to start your blog.

You can try google's own blogspot. I've tried it over here on a side travel blogging project called "Holiday Trip Today". It's FREE and pretty easy.

You can also try on wordpress.com or wix.com.


1) A blog can get hacked especially if it grows big

2) To grow a blog, cost need to be sunk in to make it make it more legit over time

3) Cost to host website


1) Can start earning from day one. Do note you need to accumulate $150 of earnings before you can cash out from google adsense.

Earn money from Google Adsense for Youtube

There are full time youtubers already. Multi-millionaire ones...

Top 10 highest-paid YouTube stars of 2018, according to Forbes

  • PewDiePie – $15.5 million.
  • Jacksepticeye – $16 million.
  • VanossGaming – $17 million.
  • Markiplier – $17.5 million.
  • Jeffree Star – $18 million.
  • DanTDM – $18.5 million.
  • Jake Paul – $21.5 million.
  • Ryan ToysReview – $22 million.

Ryan ToysReview under the channel RYAN"s WORLD is acted by surprise surprise... a kid.

He is probably an idol to many kids also.

Google adsense on youtube is the advertisement you see before you get to watch your video on youtube. Sometimes, the advertisement comes out again after 5min.

Videos who are more than 10min long typically can insert 2 advertisements. That means double the potential earnings.

To start earning from youtube, you would need 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers to be eligible to sign up as a partner.

Unfortunately, I don't have data on youtube earnings yet. Would share more when I gather some personal experience on it =)


1) Filming and editing is very time consuming (I take at least 6hours per video)

2) You need to become a youtube partner before you can start earning. Blogs can earn from day 1


1) There is no website hosting required. It is all on youtube.

Earn money from affiliate sales or sponsors

Same as in blogging, youtubers earn the most from affiliate sales and sponsorship.

Purchases that are made outside youtube drive a high affiliate sales commission. A cooking youtube channel can make affiliate sale by having an affiliate link to items from Amazon Prime!

Sponsorship deals are also big income streams. 

Famous youtube CaseyNeistat did a commercial with NIKE called "MAKE IT COUNT" and I love it so much, check it out below...

(BTW Casey doesn't do sell advertisement on his videos to google adsense, wow!)

Some channels also earn through selling online courses.

The main thing is, its ok to monetise a channel and feed your family. That is when youtubing is a proper career.

How to start your youtube channel?

Have you heard of this conspiracy of Jennelle Eliana who became an overnight youtube star? 

She amazed 1.1 Million subscribers with only 2 videos!! Many suspect that it is a fake account by youtube.

Hence, if you're looking to be the next instant hit on youtube and make loads of passive income, it is NOT likely going to happen. SO be realistic.

As to how to start, I'd firstly introduce you to the TOP youtube list in Singapore.

Yes there are big channels in Singapore too! JianHao Tan is number 1, have you seen his videos before?

It is to show you that there are many making significant money from having a youtube channel.

Hence, if you want to start your youtube channel, select a topic that you are REALLY deeply passionate!If not many see it, at least you had fun making it because it is REALLY TIME CONSUMING!

See it as a life project NOT a get rich quick idea.

Next, learn filming skills such as speaking in front of a camera and editing skills from software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Lastly, share your content! There will also be someone who appreciates your message =)

Conclusion and more on making passive income

I hope you learned something today about earning from blogs and youtube channels.

With artificial intelligence, creative work may be the future economic driver, who knows?

If you are looking for more passive income ideas, I've this specific video sharing for you... 

Josh Tan Jian Liang (CHFC) Principal Author

REVIEWS: https://theastuteparent.com/josh-tan Practising financial planner with Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd. TJL100057681 EXPERIENCE: More than 14years. Josh Tan is a young parent, speaker, author and founder of TheAstuteParent.

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