Best Deals To Grab Before The Great Singapore Sale Ends!

Great Singapore Sales (GSS), for Singaporeans, this is a familiar term!

It is THE ANNUAL BIG SALE that most stores and shopping malls in Singapore partake in. 

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There's still a good number of deals that the physical retails stores offer which are so worth it!

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As you can see, the deals in the form of eVouchers are sorted according to different categories

For instance, you can click the 'shop' category and choose the store in which you want to make your discounted purchase, then click 'Download now'. 

The eVoucher will then be stored in your account, all you have to do is click 'member' and 'Redeem eCoupon'.

After that, you either let the merchant type in the merchant code on your phone or scan their QR code.

Your eCoupon is verified and you scored a deal! 

Comparison of diapers on online stores vs physical stores

As e-commerce has rose to its prominence, gone are those glorious days of physically swiping your card in retail stores. 

Looking at this stats, yeah, not that great right?

If you're a heavy online shopper, you'd have realized how convenient and cheap online products are as comparable to physical retail products, even with the slashed prices.

Comparing the prices of diapers

Buying online from Shopee is still cheaper than physically buying it from Giant.

Merries XL size in Shopee is $38.50 for a twin pack VS $21.95 for a single pack in Giant.

That is like 14% cheaper?

Do note that prices of products from Giant online store and physical store are the same and delivery fee for Giant is $7.

Online stores also have GSS discounts!

But with online goods already made cheaper than retail goods, it can't get any cheaper than this right?

Surprise!! Online merchants have also incorporated GSS deals into their online stores.

This means the prices are SLASHED even further! This is the most exciting part...

Heard of this brands before? 

Yeap, they're all having flash deals and their eVouchers are up for grab!

Simply visit their websites but you have to be quick if not they're all taken!

Here are some coupon examples below from the respective merchants

Do you know of "GSS" lookalike elsewhere?

Although the GSS targets the tourists, it seems to have also lost to other countries who have adopted the same concept.

Other countries that are also part of this race include the Hong Kong Shopping Festival and the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale, which are all held during a similar period as the GSS.

1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival: 16 June - 31 August

2019 Hong Kong Shopping Festival: 1 June - 31 August

Thailand Grand Sale 2019: Now - 31 August

With the duration of their sales stretch much longer than GSS, It is no wonder they are top shopping destinations during this period. 

If you're looking for a shopping getaway, check out 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival which offers contests, prizes and street food from June to August.

Summary: Buy what you need and don't waste money!

Due to the ever growing e-commerce market, online shopping has become a commonplace phenomenon, such that GSS deals can also be found in online merchants. 

People might be upset over the died-down hype of GSS, but one thing's for sure, GSS is still our favourite shopping season. 

Again, buy what you need only because buying something cheap with no use is still a waste of money!

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