From The Entertainer App to Burpple Beyond App (2019 Edition!)

I’ve had The Entertainer app for two years now. For next year, instead of renewing for $90, I’d make the jump over to Burpple Beyond for $55.
This is why...

The main difference is that The Entertainer offers other non-food related offers as well.

However I’ve not had the chance to utilize them for the following reasons:
1. Gym 1-for-1 class pass: nope, not for me -as much as I’ve wished to be a gym rat

2. Retail: I went to check out the shoe shop but realized when I was there that the discounts the shop was throwing were better than the Entertainer $15 off with min spend $100. 

3. Hotels: I’ve emailed hotels in KL, Bangkok, Port Dickson and Melaka regarding The Entertainer stay 1 night get 1 night free deal. The responses were always either "No availability" or I was quoted a price SO high that even with the deal, it’s cheaper to book on Agoda or

4. Entertainment: have only used the Fanpekka indoor playground in JB once with friends

The main crux: The food!!

Now let me get down to it (if you can’t tell already, we are foodies)

Push factors:
I’ve found that comparing last year selections and this year, some of the really good buffet deals like the Senso Sunday brunch 1-for-1 were no longer available. 
Some of our favourite restaurants also dropped out of Entertainer or closed down for good.

Good points for The Entertainer:

1. “Unlimited” selections:
Whereas some restaurants on Beyond specify a certain dish allowed for 1-for-1, most of the deals on The Entertainer is just “1-for-1 Main course”, however most restaurants we went to have some restrictions (usually the more expensive dishes not allowed). 

2. “Unlimited” offers:
The Burpple Beyond app limits you to only 4 vouchers per restaurant, once you have used them there is no way of getting the vouchers back.

For The Entertainer, after you have finished the three vouchers, you can buy just one more using Smiles (the more you use the app the more Smiles you have).

You can also use Pings to swap vouchers with your friends.

This is for our favourite restaurant on The Entertainer, Tamoya Udon and Tempura!

And we used a whopping 11 vouchers in total!

Why I’m loving the Burpple Beyond app so far

1. The app interface is soooo much better!
The entertainer only has the address and menu of the restaurant so often times I have to google for opening hours and recommended dishes. 

Whereas Burpple has integrated reviews (which were their main business model) and opening hours and prices AND reservation link.

Seriously what more can you ask?

2. Cheaper selections
Of course Entertainer has some low SES offers like Yoshinoya but most of the restaurants are rather high SES where mains are 20-40

For Beyond, I’ve not really compared all the restaurants but majority are 20-30?

3. Some really popular restaurants
I’ve heard some folks raving about Park Bench Deli, Dumpling darlings and Nipong Naepong.

Definitely will be trying out soon

4. More buffet selections
I brought my Mum who loves buffets to the Four Points Eatery (by Sheraton) dinner buffet the week before Christmas and I must say both myself and Isaac were very impressed with their food selections.

Definitely will be trying these as well.

5. Fuel Plus+

Ok, maybe I’m biased to put this as one of the reasons but this WAS really our favourite restaurant on The Entertainer. We were super upset when they dropped out!

Hubby especially love their food and often bring our boy there by himself whenever I have dinner plans.

Some restaurants on the Burpple Beyond that we’ve tried

1) Nesuto

53 Tras St, Singapore 078992

The chocolate cake is to die for. (Hubby says it rivals the one at Basilico which is high praise for him indeed).

I also love the matcha cake.

- Cafe also on The Entertainer

2) Shin minori

81 Clemenceau Ave, 03-15/16, Singapore 239917

Quality Japanese buffet at an affordable price!

- Cafe also on The Entertainer

3) Good Time Eat Drink

889 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459092

Delicious fusion nyonya food - we NEVER eat peranakan food locally because we go Malacca so often.

This was really good for us to actually come twice)

- Cafe also on The Entertainer

4) Nishiki Tako & The 1872 Clipper Tea Co

Ion Orchard Mall B4

Want to try the Burpple Beyond app?

If you feel that my post has helped you with your decision,

Please use my "refer a friend" code to get 20% off too!

Another point that is unique to Burpple is that they offer monthly membership!

So you can cancel anytime. 

But I thought it’s more affordable and hassle free to buy the annual plan instead at $69 with 20% discount.

Hope this app can also save you some dining bucks for 2019 too!

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