Best Personal Accident Insurance For Your Family And Child

Last updated on August 14th, 2018 at 06:10 pm

Would you like to know how to get

FREE accident coverage for your children?

If you have heard before that some accident plans can cover for HFMD, Food poisoning, A&E bills, you are correct!

We go beyond normal price comparisons to show you qualitative & unbiased comparisons.


I’m a fellow parent too and this is my boy whom I’ve lost count on the bumps, cuts and bruises he has suffered.

I insured with a family PA plan, will mention more below.



In the event of minor accidents, such as a slip or fall, outpatient coverage for consultations comes in handy, as this is not covered under medical insurance.

This is ONE OF THE MOST COMMON CLAIMS insurers receive, said Ms Koh Yen Yen, Sompo Insurance Singapore’s chief distribution officer.

You’re heard it from the horse’s mouth…

The MAGIC of a family PA plan, then your child is covered FREE! 

These are 3 plans that offer free coverage for your child/children when you buy as a family.

I understand, you company may cover for you PA already or your bought from the MINDEF group one before..

But PA benefits can be claimed from multiple plans. Not sure WhatsApp me below.

Most group plan’s Ive mentioned do not cover for HFMD (which adults can get also), TCM etc…


NOW, if you have no time to check your other plans and a consultation at A&E itself will already cost more than $100,

buying your own family PA plan to cover for accidents and food poisoning for your family makes sense!


If you have more than 1 kid, the deal is an even better!

  • Comparison only for non-manual occupation rates


If you look at some other websites: they SOLELY rank based on price.

But, It doesn’t cover HFMD claims. Some limits are different.

PRICE is only one of your deciding factors.


From the chart, the Sompo PA Star is comprehensive for coverage benefits. I’ve highlighted the TCM per visit limit just in case you believe more in TCM style than a paediatrician. I’ve some personal experience with their claims.

If you have a tight budget, then consider for the TM PA plan which has monthly mode available. It’s plans does have some sub-limits. I’ve personal experience with their claims too.


Different insurers have different lodgement for claims timeframes,

flexibility in claims submission, client friendliness (imo) for claims…

All this secrets are through experience interacting with them.

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3 REASONS why you need personal accident insurance ON TOP OF medical insurance NOW

1) Your medical insurance (IP plan) will pay only bills relating to hospitalization.

If there is a fall or a cut but the injury requires only treatment at your paediatrician’s clinic or a quick assessment in the A&E, it may not fall under “hospitalisation”.

They are NOT CLAIMABLE under the MOH surgical table and cannot use medisave.

2) Pay compensation for losses due to personal accident

Personal accident plans is primarily used to compensate for minor and serious accidents.

In such an event, a lump sum compensation will be paid to you as a benefit and you can claim from multiple plans if you have.

This will help you defray rehabilitation/treatment cost that such as long term physiotherapy.

3) These bills can happen frequently. What if a bad fall happens tomorrow?

The personal accident plan is meant to reimburse for such bills from A&E.

Apply NOW and coverage can start today.

Yes it’s immediate.


If a consultation at A&E itself will already cost more than $100, buying a PA plan to cover for accidents and food poisoning for your family makes sense!

If you have more than 1 kid, it is an even better deal.

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