Travel Insurance That Cover For Pregnancy!

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It’s great to go for a holiday on your second trimester because when baby’s here, it’s going to be hard to holiday for 6months at least!

That’s from my experience =)!

A usual misconception is travel insurance is more expensive for pregnant women, which is NOT TRUE. It’s the same price.


Travelling in second trimester is greater because it’s harder to enjoy when your pregnant tummy is heavy in the 3rd trimester.

And you may NOT be able to fly once you are quite near to due date. For some airlines it’s week32, some it’s week 36.

So go travel but buy the right travel insurance that covers for pregnancy claims.

Today i’ll share with you on AVIVA Travel insurance, Liberty Tourcare Plus, Tm XPlora and AXA Travel.




DO NOT CHOOSE THE CHEAPEST INSURER and assume you will be covered for medical treatment in an event of dehydration, motion sickness or injury while pregnant. It is generally excluded as shown below.

Before you read further, do note that insurers DO NOT cover for you if you are in your first trimester.

Beyond a certain number of weeks, many airlines will not allow flight for pregnant mums too.


FOUR travel insurance plans that can cover for pregnant mums with pregnancy coverage!

I’ve listed the policy wordings too.

And for all of these travel insurance plans, you can buy it online. BUT stay till the end and I’ve a recommendation for you!

1) AVIVA (Travel Insurance): Plan details: Click here!

The maximum $8,000 for overseas emergency medical expense for pregnancy related given by AVIVA travel insurance is not bad.

2) Liberty Insurance (TourCare Plus) : Plan details Click here!

Liberty insurance is a smaller brand but I’ve worked with them on personal accident plans before and they are ok.

3) Tokio Marine (TM Xplora): Plan details Click here!


TM Explora is a travel insurance by Tokio Marine but limits are abit smaller for pregnancy related overseas medical.

4) AXA SmartTraveller: Policy wordings Click Here!



AXA’s Essential plan (which is the basic version) already covers $4,000 for pregnancy related expenses for overseas trip which is the highest starting limit.

The $8,000 limit is joint highest!

I have a direct purchase link that you can use below to purchase. (there will be a Promiseland Independent logo on the top right).

PLUS THERE IS PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT which will be auto inputted!



Further tips

Travel insurance claims will be on a reimbursement basis when back to Singapore.

Do note also that pregnancy related conditions from your travel will be excluded once the medical treatment is sought when back. Save trip and enjoy!

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