Cheapest Philippines Embassy Bond!

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This post is only on the philippines embassy bond which is a contractual obligation between you and the Philippines government.

It is to ensure that your Filipino maid is being paid the right wage, has a rest day, has sanitary living quarters and will receive adequate medical and dental care.

If you are hiring a Filipino maid for one year, you may not need purchase the bond.

This Philippines embassy bond only comes in when your maid plans to go home to the Philippines for vacation which is a right to them every 2 years.


You will be required to have a $7,000 Philippines embassy bond as part of the renewal process (ONLY a few insurers offer it) if you wish to renew your Filipino maid without going through an agency.


NTUC Income’s plan is cheapest for the $7,000 Philippines Embassy bond

Premium rate is only at $67.

This plan can be purchased individually. You may click on this link for more information and buy online


Other choices include for this bond:

– AXA Smarthelper $74.90

– MSIG Maidplus $80.25

– Liberty Philippines embassy bond: $107.00


Other useful information in the renewal process. Click link for more information

Two (2) copies of Standard Employment Contract (Original) – All pages of the contract should be signed by the employer and the worker.

  • Two (2) copies of Undertaking of an Employer (Original)
  • Two (2) copies of Work Permit (plus 1 copy for passport renewal)
  • Two (2) copies of Passport (plus 1 copy for passport renewal)
  • One (1) copy of Employer’s IC
  • $7,000 Performance Bond from a reputable Insurance Company (Original)
  • One (1) copy of the Ten Thousand Dollar Medical Insurance (MOM)

PS: What is the $2,000 performance bond for

It is if you are hiring your maid through an accredited maid agency.

Not applicable if you are doing it yourself but the total cost savings makes sense.


If you would like to do together with Maid insurance, check this post and I can complete for you quickly under HL Assurance.

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