Caesarean section in private hospitals, where is the cheapest?

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Caesarean section is a surgical procedure that can be electively chosen or can be due to an emergency.

If you are looking at the caesarean section hospital bill, it is higher as there will be surgical cost charged and a longer hospital stay required.

From the MOH summary, most mums today choose to deliver in private hospitals although it clearly will cost more.

The prenatal and post delivery checkups will also be more costly.

A possible reason could be mums-to-be look for suggestions in forums and the top names then to be there.

There seems to be a distaste for delivering in a government hospital.


What I can share with you is KKH has perhaps the most complete facilities for mother and child should an emergency occur.

Private hospitals transfer complicated cases to KKH if necessary.

You can check the opinion of nurses or doctors who are working there.

Caesarean section ratio is the highest in TMC and MAH

Take a look at this. Stats from MOH in 2016

I have calculated a ratio of the volume of delivery (Caesarean section) to volume of total delivery (Caesarean section +normal delivery) handled by a particular hospital.

This ratio is clearly higher with TMC and MAH who are the 2 biggest in the private sector.

Their ratios are at 38% and 40%.

If you compare this to RM/PEH or KKH/NUH (in the government sector), they are only at 25-29% of total deliveries.

Cost of Caesarean Section in 2018 with no serious complication. Click here to view

Viewing this statistic helps you budget adequately for your delivery.

According to the MOH summary, the bill for a Caesarean Section in private hospitals has definitely inflated.

25% of bills were above $18,096 (From Gleneagles hospital with average 3.3 days stay).


If you are thinking of elective Caesarean Section, TMC and MAH are perhaps the cheapest in the private sector.

You should note that this summary is for delivery “without serious complication”.


Delivery complications will cost you a few thousand more

If you require additional procedures following a delivery complication you will likely need a longer hospital stay.

Hence, your final bill will be a few thousand more if you compare this table below with the table above.

What about bills today? The numbers have to be inflated higher yet again.

This is where maternity insurance comes in to potentially defray costs.


We have a NEW article on maternity insurance for you


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