Zika virus: Updates from insurers

Last updated on February 19th, 2019 at 04:42 pm

If you have read the papers recently, the patient count for Zika virus has climbed to a staggering 292 in a quick few weeks.

I have been receiving a flurry of updates from insurers as they seek to clarify their stance against claims.

In summary, these plans that will react to a Zika required treatment

  1. Hospital insurance (IP)
  2. Personal accident insurance

However, there can be certain exclusions. These are some of the replies from their PR departments and I may paraphrase them a little for ease of reading.

1)  AXA
For AXA shield (Hospital insurance, IP)

It will cover inpatient treatments/charges if you are hospitalised due to complications arising from the Zika virus. Any related post-hospitalisation treatments will also be covered. If you have AXA Basic care and AXA General care rider, any deductibles and co-insurance incurred due to this hospitalisation will be covered. The Daily Hospital Cash Incentive benefit would also be payable in relation to this same hospitalisation.

However, complications arising from the Zika virus is not covered under the AXA General Care Outpatient Benefit.

For mums delivering, complications arising from Zika virus under the “Inpatient Pregnancy Complication Benefit” does not fall under the list of eligible complications.

You may read more about AXA shield from our previous post: AXA shield offers more but isn’t a game changer, here’s why!


For AXA BandAid (Personal accident insurance)

We do not cover complications arising from the Zika virus under Medical Expenses benefit as it does not fall under the list of eligible conditions.

However, coverage is provided under the Weekly Indemnity benefit.


For AXA MumCare and MumCare Plus (maternity insurance)

Should the Child be hospitalised in the ICU or HDU due to complications arising from the Zika virus, the Hospital Care Benefit for Child will be payable.

However, the Pregnancy Complication Benefit, Congenital Illness Benefit for the Child and Hospital Care Benefit for Mother will not be payable for complications arising from Zika.  

2) Ntuc Income
For PA Assurance (personal accident insurance)

Zika will be included into the 21 infectious diseases. Benefits will be payable for

  • Daily accident hospitalization income and Intensive Care Unit 
  • Weekly Indemnity

Medical reimbursements will also be made.

3) Sompo Insurance
For PA Star and PAJunior (personal accident insurance)

Coverage is now extended to Zika. You may read our previous post “Do you need personal accident insurance for your child” to find out more about PAJunior.

4) Tokio Marine
For TM Protect Mosbite (Personal accident insurance)
Upon diagnosis of Zika, you will receive a lump sum benefit (Plan B:$1,500 or Plan A:$3,000).
Plan also covers to other mosquito sicknesses like dengue fever.
This may be the only pure Zika coverage insurance and premium is really low. Please note that this plan doesn’t cover the rest of personal accident injuries and losses. I do feel you may be better off paying a bit more premium and cover accident more comprehensively.
5) AIA


In conclusion,

The above information is complied to the best of ability.
Travel insurance have also been modified to include Zika virus but these plans has not been analysed in this post.
Zika is still now not associated with any definitions of critical illnesses.

This Personal accident plan covers for ZIKA and it is very comprehensive.

Check post on the new SOMPO PA STAR!

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