Stokke Scoot Review – 5 points why we love it!

Last updated on February 10th, 2019 at 04:39 pm

Here’s why we love the Stokke Scoot

1) The Height 

One of my shortlisted prams was the ever popular Bugaboo Bee!

However one of the main reasons why the Stokke Scoot trumps the Bee is because of it’s height because the Bugaboo Bee is one of the lowest sitting prams.

Both the Hubby and I are quite tall and I imagine it would be quite a pain to bend over to tend to baby in the Bee.

Also I love that Baby can look at us so easily while we are pushing him along.



Also, in restaurants we can wheel him right up to the table (like a third tablemate) and can easily entertain him by either talking to him.

He can look around at the other patrons and have him relatively calm for us to finish our meal in peace (all parents know that this is no easy feat).

2) The Comfort 

There are three positions for the seat: Active, Rest and Sleep.

And it is very easy to adjust between positions with the buckles at the back.

We usually put him in rest position, and when we see him start to fuss and get tired, we can just lower the seat to sleep position with him still buckled in.




The Stokke Scoot seat lowers into this cavernous space where he can lie comfortably and there are cut-outs at the side, where he can peer out if he wants.

And the best thing of all that to me is worth a million bucks already, it is so comfortable that just by pushing him in the pram a few rounds, he can sometimes drop off into a nap BY HIMSELF!!!!



Here’s baby having a little snooze while we have dinner in Marche

3) The stability

I have read some reviews from mums who have both the Stokke scoot and another lightweight pram and they have mentioned that because of the height and weight.

With the Stokke Scoot, they can easily transfer a sleeping child onto it without the child waking up.

For the other prams, because they are more filmsy, the babies tend to be jostled, and horror of horrors, sometimes the pram even topples over!

Definitely no risk of that happening with the Stokke Scoot! However all that stability comes with a price, which is its weight.

4) The manoueverability

I think because of its size, it loses out to other lighter and smaller prams like the Bee.

But it is still easy enough to manage and the Hubby often pushes it one handed while holding my hand.

Also, the front wheels can be individually locked to manoeuvre in small areas.

I’ve seen jogging mums wheeling an infant in it many times!

5) The (ok I admit I’m superficial) Cool factor

When we were at Marche queuing up to make payment, we heard a little girl behind said that she wants our pram hahaha.

The other day, I happened to be across the road from Hubby and the Scoot and I thought the pram really looked rather cool. ‘Nuff said.

The Cons of Stokke Scoot

In my book, there is only one con and that is the hefty price.

We bought it at a discount at the Mothercare sale and already is slightly more than a thousand!

The Hubby thinks its abit heavy at 12kg cause he is the one carrying it into the boots haha.



New update 2019: Our boy is now 3years old.

We are open to selling our Stokke Scoot for half the price =). Its still in good condition don’t worry.

If you are keen, look for the contact us box from Thank you!



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