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Josh Tan Jian Liang and The Financial Advocate are founders-cum-authors of TheAstuteParent.com. Josh Tan is a Chartered Financial Consultant (CHFC) and will be assisting you directly for your financial plans.

Josh Tan (CHFC): We started the Blog “TheAstuteParent.com” back in early 2015 to share more on financial matters, offering quick tips to busy parents like you. In my day-to-day advisory work, I come across different financial plans that can serve your insurance needs the best. Through blog posts, I hope to communicate them to you. I believe financial planning is beyond insurance plans and our blog hopes to provide further financial tips on housing/CPF/will writing amongst many other topics.

The Financial Advocate: We understand that as a family head, you face complex financial challenges. These challenges include funding your child’s savings needs, buying the right insurance plans and having the right family budgets for housing and retirement needs.



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Josh Tan Jian Liang
Chartered Financial Consultant (CHFC). Providing financial advise since Jan2008
I graduated with an Accountancy degree in from Nanyang Technological University but did not join an audit firm. Being keen on investing and personal finance matters, I started a journey Read More
The Financial Advocate
Guest Author
I am always fascinated in how parents approach financial issues in their daily lives. There is an overwhelming amount of information available and through this blog, I hope I can Read More
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