Pregnancy Complications in Integrated Shield Plan 1-minute Overview


Mothers-to-be, do you know that you are covered for Pregnancy Complications in Integrated Shield Plan (IP), which you have paid diligently over the years through your Medisave?

Readers who are father-to-be, this coverage may help you to reduce significant cash outlay in the event your wife has pregnancy complications during labour.

From my grapevine sources, the pregnancy complications coverage in the integrated shield plan is far and a few.

But what exactly is covered? I can’t seem to find any comparisons on the internet, so I took it upon myself to do the heavy lifting!

Top in the race :

Great Eastern P Plus has the highest number of 13 pregnancy complications coverage in their IP plan.
NTUC Income Enhanced Incomeshield is the first runner up with 11 Pregnancy complications coverage.

Pregnancy Complications in Integrated Shield Plan
Pregnancy Complications in Integrated Shield Plan


How Can You Use This Information?

1) Ensure that you have upgraded your family’s hospital coverage with an IP early! There is a waiting period of 10 months for your integrated plan before you can claim for pregnancy complications. Also, take note that your Medishield Life does not cover for pregnancy complications.


2) Take up the corresponding rider to cover from the 1st dollar. – There are deductible and co-insurance that are payable under the basic integrated shield plan. By having the rider, it helps you to take care of your medical bill.


3) When pregnant, consider taking up the maternity insurance coverage to enhance your coverage especially if you are on the AVIVA Myshield plan. You may read our wildly popular comparison blog on standalone maternity insurance through this link here and find out how it compliments your IP.

Last words

For claims done through your IP, it will usually be e-filed to the insurer. Do keep the relevant post-hospitalisation bills for claims and have your insurance planner ready to assist you further on it.

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